Mon Apr 29, 2013

ID Request

I got an ID request for the waitress in this video, but I couldn't identify her myself - and I found the video quite amusing - so I thought I'd share it with our readers. Anyone have any idea who she is?

Dr. Lee | Apr 29, 13 | 4:00 am | 9 comments | 6455 views

Sat Apr 13, 2013

Christine Jang's Most Popular Korean Lesson

Last year, Korean language teacher Christine Jang gained Internet notoriety after a particular part of one of her video lessons went viral, thanks to her delightfully unique pronunciation of the world's most popular soft drink.

Due to their chagrin, those at the language study website that produced the video, have long since edited the infamous segment to omit Miss Jang's erroneous vowel substitution (and claim copyright infringement whenever they catch the unedited clip posted somewhere, in order to get it yanked). However, you can enjoy it in its original, unedited form above. Those of you who feel the need to hear Miss Jang say what she says over and over for a full hour and would rather do that than seek professional help, you can do so here. Study hard.

EDIT: Due to this post's original video being deleted by Break, it's been replaced with a wonderfully-edited Youtube version of said video, which even more thoroughly emphasizes Miss Jang's dedication as a teacher.

CEC | Apr 13, 13 | 4:00 am | 10 comments | 4600 views

Wed Mar 13, 2013

Is Your Sushi Real?

We've often talked about how girls really look, as opposed to the heavily touched up and made up girls we usually see in photos these days. So I thought our readers might be able to relate to this video. ;-)

Dr. Lee | Mar 13, 13 | 5:00 am | 8 comments | 3528 views

Tue Feb 12, 2013

AXE Thailand "End Of Girls" Commercial (ID Request)

I have no idea what this is about (I'm sure one of our readers can fill us in), but I had an ID request for this video, and thought it was worth sharing with our readers. Enjoy!

Dr. Lee | Feb 12, 13 | 5:00 am | 7 comments | 5232 views

Tue Jan 01, 2013

Happy New Year From Asian Sirens


Well it seems we survived the end of the world (again), although the fact that so many people continue to believe in these predictions (especially from a race that failed to predict its own demise) never ceases to amaze me. Anyway, as we are still here at the start of 2013 (it's already the 1st here in oz as I'm writing this), I would like to wish all of our readers a very happy new year. We have some very exciting (and frankly long overdue) changes coming this year, so make sure you stay with us through 2013!

Dr. Lee | Jan 01, 13 | 5:00 am | 28 comments | 3717 views

Thu Aug 02, 2012

Charlie Bit My Finger and Viral YouTube Videos

The video above - from the people who brought us Sexy Mandarin - appears to be the latest YouTube video to go 'viral'. It's actually a spoof of the most viewed video on YouTube ever, the infamous Charlie Bit My Finger. Personally, I find the original video pretty lame, although I find the new one quite entertaining, for obvious reasons! Along with my previous post on YouTube sensation Natalie Tran, this led me to wonder: what is it that makes a YouTube video go viral? I am very interested to hear our readers' opinions on this! More...

Dr. Lee | Aug 02, 12 | 4:00 am | 6 comments | 7373 views

Sun Jul 29, 2012

So What's Going On With Natalie Tran?

With over 431,515,000 views and 1,086,500 followers, Vietnamese Australian Natalie Tran is an absolute YouTube phenomenon. Although I'm not a fan personally, I have to admire the craft of her sharp editing and witty, quick fire dialogue. Incredibly, she was churning out a new video every few days, building up a grand total of 287 clips, until she suddenly stopped without warning four months ago, after posting the video above. Her Facebook page - which is still active - doesn't give any clues as to why, despite many requests from her fans. Does anyone know?

Dr. Lee | Jul 29, 12 | 4:00 am | 12 comments | 11115 views

Thu Jun 07, 2012

Spicy Japanese Featuring Kaoru and Hayami Kikuchi

In my previous article on Kaoru Kikuchi, I mentioned that she would soon be launching Sexy Japanese. Well, it has now become Spicy Japanese, and their first video - What Time Is It - has finally gone live, featuring not only Kaoru but her sister Hayami! Dare I say the i-word? What's more, Hayami has also been featured in FHM - you can see her photos after the jump. More...

Dr. Lee | Jun 07, 12 | 4:00 am | 10 comments | 10284 views

Sat May 26, 2012

Tiny Taiwanese Girl

Just a quickie while I work on a few other posts. This girl may seem unremarkable (but cute) at first (not to mention a terrible dancer!), but hold on until the three and half minute mark...

Dr. Lee | May 26, 12 | 4:00 am | 18 comments | 5809 views

Thu Apr 12, 2012

Love In the Butt?


Apparently the title of this film is actually Love In the Buff, but it sure looks like "butt" to me, which gave me a good chuckle when I saw the poster for this movie in Sunnybank (and "buff" is pretty funny in any case). Anyway, this got me to thinking about all the mangled Asian English I'd seen over the years, and I thought it might make for a good Asian Sirens post. Other good sources of this are restaurant names (one of the ones in Sunnybank is called "Glamorous Wok") and Japanese porn (for example: "Caution! She is Pretty Bust Monsters!"). Please post your own in the comments!

Dr. Lee | Apr 12, 12 | 4:00 am | 31 comments | 6946 views
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