Fri Jun 15, 2012

The Top Asian Model Calendar Is Now Casting!


This post is aimed at our female readers, although I'm sure the guys will enjoy the pics. :-) The number one Asian model calendar, Pacific USA, is now casting. This is the calendar shot by Adam Yurman which launched the careers of many of the world's most famous Asian models, including Sung Hi Lee and Tiara Lestar. Perhaps you could be the next superstar Asian glamour model!

Dr. Lee | Jun 15, 12 | 12:00 am | 12 comments | 6304 views

Wed Jan 25, 2012

2012 Chinese Calendar Girls


Following in the wondrous tradition of Playboy and Sports Illustrated, (a Chinese gaming portal) have released their annual calendar chock’o'block full of some of mainland China’s hottest models. Helping everyone celebrate the new year, which as any red blooded China-man knows started this year on the 23rd of January. Come on rest of the world, the lunar calendar system rocks! Ahem... yes.

Click here to download the whole pack of large size pictures direct from the site. More...

Shuai Ge | Jan 25, 12 | 8:46 am | 25 comments | 14002 views

Fri Jan 04, 2008

Du Juan, Mo Wandan & Maggie Cheung in 2008 Pirelli Calendar

Du Juan

Unfortunately the famous Pirelli Calendar does not has any nude photography this year. (What were they thinking?!)

But the good news is that the theme of 2008 is 'Pearls of the Orient' and no less then THREE Chinese women are part of the line-up! Again, no nudity... (I just can't get over that!) More...

Robin Hood | Jan 04, 08 | 7:48 am | 11 comments | 16492 views

Sat Oct 20, 2007

A bunch of Asian calendars


Mystique relased it's 2008 Wall Calendars! And for us that's good news, because they usually have a couple of Asian calenders!

Take your pick: East Meets West, Asian Angels, Girls of Asia and Pacific USA. Tila Tequila and Misa Campo have their own 12 months. Too bad we didn't receive any review copies, so we could have a prize contest for you guys... (tip from: ubu ushooz)

Robin Hood | Oct 20, 07 | 1:54 am | 7 comments | 12990 views

Sun Oct 22, 2006

Johanna Sicat on cover East West 2007 Calendar

Johanna Sicat on cover East West 2007 Calendar

Kim Mizuno's most recent East West Calendar is available for shipping. On the cover you will find Filipina Johanna Sicat (keep an eye for her as she is a real Filipina beauty queen and willl be competing for Miss Phillipines in 2007).

Other models in the East West 2007 Calendar are Kylah Kim (Korean), Karen Fujimoto (Japanese), Kexin (Chinese), Sasha Singleton (Thai / Irish-Scottish), Paris C. (Korean), Lena Li (Chinese / Taiwanese), Becky Vu (Vietnamese), Judy Lin (Taiwanese), Rei Sanoi (Laotian), Ursula Mayes (Korean / German / Native American), Kira Kaye (Taiwanese), Reagan Yun (Korean / American) and Sarah (Thai).

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Sun Aug 13, 2006

Hiromi Oshima Calendar Shoot 2006

Watch Hiromi Oshima, Playboy Playmate June 2004 in a calendar shoot with famous photographer Mick Gleissner on the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines. A production of the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) in Cebu, Philippines, for Fashion TV.

thanirz | Aug 13, 06 | 1:13 am | 23 comments | 19841 views

Sun Aug 06, 2006

The girls of Shrimp's Asian calendars

the girls of Shrimps Asian calendars

Got a tip from one of our visitors that might be of interest to those of you willing to spend some cash to watch footage of hot Asian girls in a photoshoot.

There are six shows featuring the girls of Shrimp's Asian calendars, all shot in Thailand, available here:

But then again, most of you probably just want to wait untill you can see them on YouTube for free.

Robin Hood | Aug 06, 06 | 8:00 am | 4 comments | 10972 views

Sun Jul 30, 2006

Nautical Angels Underwater Calendar

Nautical Angels Underwater Calendar

Many asian models are in Mick Gleissner's "Nautical Angels Underwater" Calendar. Underwater modeling is becoming more and more popular, with many music videos and commercials shot in this anaerob environment. More...

theblogman | Jul 30, 06 | 12:02 pm | 1 comments | 12941 views

Tue Jun 06, 2006

June 2006 Asian calendar babe wallpaper

Axe Asian calendar babe wallpaper June

It's June and time for a new sexy Asian calendar babe wallpaper. Get the Axe Asian calendar babe wallpaper at

Robin Hood | Jun 06, 06 | 7:55 am | 9 comments | 12780 views

Thu Jun 01, 2006

2007 Asian Angels calendar

For those who can't wait: check out this 2007 Asian Angels Calendar preview. Or visit their site (that looks like it needs some design and user interface updates) and check out the models.

Robin Hood | Jun 01, 06 | 1:01 pm | 12 comments | 10363 views
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