Fri Oct 05, 2012

Even More Explicit Chinese Body Paint!


In my recent Body Paint and Real Estate? post, I expressed my astonishment at the fact that women wearing little more than body paint were at a recent Chinese real estate expo. Still, at least the girls were covering their private parts, but not so at the 8th China International Ceramics Expo. And although I've only just found out about this, it happened way back in 2008! What the hell is going on in China? I've even read claims of people having sex in the open, and that it's now officially sanctioned by the state! I know we have readers in China - please tell us what's going on!

Dr. Lee | Oct 05, 12 | 12:00 am | 21 comments | 8494 views

Fri Jul 13, 2012

Dr. Lee's Talking Point: Sexing Up Traditional Dress?

I came across the video above recently, and it reminded me of something I've been meaning to discuss for a while: what do our readers think of the modernisation - nay sexing up - of traditional Asian dress? Personally, I'm a well known aficionado of the traditional Vietnamese dress, the ao dai, but I don't have any problem with its modernisation - indeed, the ao dai itself has evolved to where it is today through a gradual process of modernisation and "sexing up". (Besides - as in the video above - I find a flash of skin combined with an otherwise traditional and/or formal dress quite erotic!) Anyway, that's my opinion - what about yours?

Dr. Lee | Jul 13, 12 | 12:00 am | 11 comments | 4078 views

Thu Apr 05, 2012

Dr. Lee's Talking Point: What If Your Partner Got Tattoos?


It seems that every time we feature a model with tattoos here, we have a discussion as to the merits or otherwise of body ink. And in our previous post, one of our readers asked the intriguing question: if your girlfriend/wife/significant other got a tattoo, would you still be with them? That discussion was off-topic for that post, so even though we've had a discussion on tattoos before, I thought this question put an interesting enough slant on the topic to be the subject of one of my occasional "talking point" articles. Here's your chance to have your say on girls with tattoos without personally insulting any of our feature models. More...

Dr. Lee | Apr 05, 12 | 12:00 am | 42 comments | 18524 views

Wed Feb 08, 2012

Jessica R. – Hapa Time


One of our readers contacted us about Jessica, who is a graphic designer and web editor from the Bay Area. She also her own personal blog called Hapa Time which is devoted to fashion, beauty, art, and photography. Jessica is also half Japanese/Caucasian, and is one the most beautiful half-Asians that I have seen in a while, so make sure that you check out her blog, especially if you are into fashion.


Candyman | Feb 08, 12 | 12:00 am | 88 comments | 22671 views

Fri Jun 19, 2009

Japanese women dance for you (again and again!)


(Editors note: I updated this old post, since there is a new version of the uniqlock screensaver)

Today is the time to fill your computer screen with images of dancing Japanese women. Why? The uniqlock screensaver from Japanese clothing designer uniqlo is out there waiting for you!

The screensaver alternates between a minimalist display of the current time and five second videos of four young Japanese women in polo shirts and jeans performing synchronized dance moves. They dance focusing your attention away from the passing time.

You can download the screensaver here. They also have an online version, if you just want to watch without installing software on your machine. More...

Robin Hood | Jun 19, 09 | 7:34 am | 51 comments | 17278 views

Mon Mar 17, 2008

Samsung Miniskirt


The Samsung Miniskirt was released in May 2007 in Korea. The Samsung SCH C220 (a.k.a. SPH C2200, SPH C2250) is nicknamed the "miniskirt" in part for the hint of the sliding keypad underneath and it's deliberately 'feminine' design.

But whatever! We just want to look at the models! ;-) More...

Robin Hood | Mar 17, 08 | 12:40 pm | 10 comments | 14181 views

Fri Feb 29, 2008

Asian Robot Skin

Amazing Philips RobotSkin advertisement directed by Bruno Aveillan. The Robot looks Asian enough to me to post the clip here! ;-) The RobotSkin website is pretty cool also! (music by Raphael Ibanez De Garayo)

Robin Hood | Feb 29, 08 | 1:11 am | 5 comments | 10538 views

Wed Jan 23, 2008

Asian babes as Art


We all know there are tons of images of beautyful Asian babes out there on the web. But did you know there are also lots of digital art images around? Check out The image above was created by jobe69701.

Robin Hood | Jan 23, 08 | 12:12 am | 7 comments | 11439 views

Thu Dec 13, 2007

Chinese Coca Cola commercial

Three days have past without a post from me or any other blogteam member. So I wonder how many of you said us farewell and moved on to other Asian babe blogs... But good news: today I bring you this funny Chinese commercial for Coca Cola!

Robin Hood | Dec 13, 07 | 10:33 am | 11 comments | 11089 views

Tue Oct 23, 2007

Candy Girl Showroom and Factory Tour

And now, boys and girls, a little field trip to show you what little girls are made of: a tour of the Candy Girl showroom and factory.

(Via Danny Choo.)

Mike Abundo | Oct 23, 07 | 12:15 pm | 24 comments | 11466 views
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