Sayuri Anzu - Anzu Revolution Photobook

Photobook: Sayuri Anzu - Anzu Revolution

These Idol Photobooks sure are fun. The photography is usually much better then what you see on 'the nude sites' on the web. This Anzu Revolution Photobook looks even better than the one I spoke of two days ago! A think it's the 'arty' photography. Check the gallery out at (again ;-))

Posted by: Robin Hood on Jan 11, 06 | 12:00 pm | Profile


And another one:
Jun Natsukawa - Crea Photobook

Posted by: Robin Hood on Jan 11, 06 | 12:29 pm

Stuff like this is what originally brought me to Asian models (ok J-women :D) I always like them better that what I saw in the states but it wasn't porn, it was more bathing suits really. However the point was it wasn't a shot to get in the womans vagina or up the back end it were shots to show off the beauty of the body. They weren't airbrushed and retouched and touched again shots they were pieces of art work. Great settings, vibrant colors, interesting props etc, and not to mention lovely subjects ;)

Unfortunately I think its becoming a lost era to something more of what I see everyday in the states and could live with out.

Posted by: bigstusexy on Jan 11, 06 | 3:06 pm

Wonder who the photographer is. Extremely creative and diverse shots!

Posted by: incus on Jan 11, 06 | 6:38 pm

I like them more when they are not nude.

Posted by: groovenet on Jan 11, 06 | 6:45 pm

I think nude is better...but not nude is ok..semi nude is ok...

Posted by: SherBo on Oct 06, 07 | 3:22 am