Christine Jang's Most Popular Korean Lesson

Last year, Korean language teacher Christine Jang gained Internet notoriety after a particular part of one of her video lessons went viral, thanks to her delightfully unique pronunciation of the world's most popular soft drink.

Due to their chagrin, those at the language study website that produced the video, have long since edited the infamous segment to omit Miss Jang's erroneous vowel substitution (and claim copyright infringement whenever they catch the unedited clip posted somewhere, in order to get it yanked). However, you can enjoy it in its original, unedited form above. Those of you who feel the need to hear Miss Jang say what she says over and over for a full hour and would rather do that than seek professional help, you can do so here. Study hard.

EDIT: Due to this post's original video being deleted by Break, it's been replaced with a wonderfully-edited Youtube version of said video, which even more thoroughly emphasizes Miss Jang's dedication as a teacher.

Posted by: CEC on Apr 13, 13 | 12:00 am | Profile


lol, I'd give it to her

Posted by: majiemao on Apr 13, 13 | 12:43 am

I wonder how she pronounces "Pepsi", lol.

Posted by: French on Apr 13, 13 | 12:59 am


Posted by: Duane Alexander on Apr 13, 13 | 3:24 am DOES she pronounce it?

Posted by: longtack on Apr 13, 13 | 7:56 am

lol - good one haah

Posted by: ..... on Apr 13, 13 | 3:17 pm

My sister in law (Korean) does exactly the same thing. I never get tired of laughing at it.

Posted by: Luke72 on Apr 14, 13 | 2:31 pm

After this, the idea of becoming a foreign bartender in Korea doesn't sound bad...
'What do you wish to drink?' :)

Posted by: daznlover on Apr 14, 13 | 4:08 pm

Ask them the price.. aaawww. Poor girl. Somebody please sample it and make a track

Posted by: Basho on Apr 14, 13 | 5:02 pm

I bet she likes it too. Coke that is.

Posted by: arf on Apr 15, 13 | 3:18 am

Free for her, baby!!

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 15, 13 | 4:30 am