Saturday Night Live's Only Asian Female Host Ever

As an avid Saturday Night Live fan, I'm a pretty good authority as to who the more memorable (and forgettable) cast members have been and which hosts and musical guests have shined (and stunk) over the years. After watching the show the other night (and dubbing Cecily Strong the hottest female SNL cast member ever), I did some research and, just as I thought; in SNL's 38-year history, the show has never had an Asian cast member and has had only one Asian female host, who was Lucy Liu, over a decade ago.

Above is Lucy's opening monolog from her December 16th, 2000 appearance as host. Since she was the first Asian female to ever host SNL, it wasn't surprising that she capitalized on that fact by using some Asian stereotypes to bring out the laughs.

EDIT: The above video has been removed by NBC, but you can view the original post and video here.

Posted by: CEC on Mar 05, 13 | 12:00 am | Profile


TIME Magazine has only ever featured 2 "Asian" women in its cover - Gong Li and Faye Wong. Both would make good subjects here.

Posted by: buttdart on Mar 05, 13 | 12:24 am

Funny video, I hope more female Asian Actresses start making it big here in America.

Posted by: majiemao on Mar 05, 13 | 12:42 am

I have always been crazy for Lucy Liu. I think she is beautiful, funny, smart, and has a good personality. Damn fine actress too.

Some of my Asian friends don't think she is attractive, so we get into heated arguments.

"Now, if any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, now's the f***ing time" -from Kill Bill

A fine website I hit from time to time is this one:

The website name comes from the dialogue Bruce Lee said in Enter the Dragon. Many contributors are Asian writers and Hollywood types....they point out their stereotypes and Hollywood's lack of understanding.

Posted by: French on Mar 05, 13 | 3:28 am

Oh yeah!...Lucy was my favorite Angel for sure.

Posted by: arf on Mar 05, 13 | 5:24 am

Lucy is Adorable! Love her! Yeah, not the most beautiful Asian actress around. But, appealing.

Posted by: fungusfarm on Mar 05, 13 | 8:57 am

After watching the video...I'm thinking that she really is quite beautiful. She has a great mouth and smile and nose.

Posted by: fungusfarm on Mar 05, 13 | 9:02 am

I'm a big Lucy Liu fan from way back. She is very talented and has good range, I think. She looks best when she goes for a softer look, IMO. But even when she goes hard/tough, she still looks good--just not as good as the softer look. She has aged pretty well, too. Anyone watch her on the show Elementary? It is a new take on Sherlock Holmes and Lucy plays Watson.

And yes, CEC, Cecily Strong is pretty attractive but the best ever on SNL? Dunno about that. Will have to give it some thought.

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Mar 05, 13 | 2:12 pm

Bigfoot Dean, I have seen the show "Elementary" and like it very much. While a fan of Lucy Liu, I was a bit concerned at first, when seeing the ads, of the idea of casting a woman in the Watson role, but they did a fine job of defining the relationship between Watson and Holmes from the start (for those who haven't seen it, think "The Seven Percent Solution"). Lucy plays off Jonny Lee Miller (Holmes) very well and it has been quite interesting to see her role develop over the course of the series thus far. Granted, her presence would likely keep me coming back even if the show was a vomitous mess, but it really is well written and fun to watch.

Posted by: Eclectic Keith on Mar 05, 13 | 9:18 pm

Ever see her in that Mel Gibson movie, PAYBACK? She wears quite the outfit in a few scenes....

And "Elementary" is a pretty good show. Good writing.....

Brains, beauty, personality, ambition. She is hot.

Posted by: French on Mar 05, 13 | 10:41 pm

that clip won't play in Australia (it says not available outside U.S)! I'm suddenly feeling a bit like Longtack. For the record I like her and Elementary seems a pretty good show from what I have seen, still as far as Holmes goes the books were better.

Posted by: Luke72 on Mar 06, 13 | 2:23 am

I wanna see LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

Give me Lucy or I’m gonna stamp my feet in a pouty tantrum and carve some opinionated and pretty horrible naughty words about CEC on a nearby park bench….

Posted by: kroos on Mar 06, 13 | 6:01 am

If you just Google her name, there are quite a few photos of this beautiful woman....she is even naked in a few.

Watch her in an interview- this woman is SHARP.

Posted by: French on Mar 06, 13 | 9:19 pm

i always liked her. she isn't the most beautiful but she has that overall sexiness about her...

Posted by: ..... on Mar 06, 13 | 10:22 pm

Can't get enough Lucy Liu. She's hot, but not in the traditional sort of way. She's the total package.

Also, just wanted to mention that I love Elementary.

Posted by: wylde8 on Mar 08, 13 | 3:30 pm