Susie Tran


Susie Tran is a model from back in like... 2002? To be honest, I don't remember her at all, but I found her name and no information and managed to locate these pictures.. Now I'm curious who she is, where she is now, where these photos are from, etc.







Posted by: TravisStroup on Apr 19, 13 | 12:00 am | Profile


Oh, how I miss this girl. I think she gave up the biz a few years ago. Didn't she have the tag line "The best ASSets in the business" or something like that?

Posted by: wylde8 on Apr 19, 13 | 1:31 am

No, that was Linda Tran. But I agree this girl is stunning - interesting that I've never heard of her before. She actually looks like a younger, pre-implants version of Leanna Scott to me - I wonder if it might be her under a different alias?

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 19, 13 | 1:58 am

Where is the wayback machine?

Posted by: Luke72 on Apr 19, 13 | 6:46 am

I think she was one of the models for Mystique Magazine. I recognize Mark Daughn's style in some of the photos.

Posted by: teppo on Apr 19, 13 | 9:16 am

Come back Susie Tran!

Posted by: Basho on Apr 19, 13 | 10:23 am


Posted by: French on Apr 19, 13 | 1:38 pm

Very nice. Aaaaannnnnd she's unmarked by ink. I would'nt change a thing...except the bed she'd sleep in tonite.

Posted by: STRIPES on Apr 19, 13 | 4:45 pm

I wouldn't change the bed she is sleeping in tonight. We like it just fine, STRIPES. ;)

Posted by: French on Apr 19, 13 | 7:40 pm

Wow! Stunning! I'd love to see the 2013 version. I bet she has gotten even hotter!
lol Stripes; I'm guessing she might have a little ink now!

Posted by: longtack on Apr 19, 13 | 7:41 pm

Yeah no Ink, very exotic, Thumbs up

Posted by: majiemao on Apr 19, 13 | 7:43 pm

Interesting..the link you posted Travis: 'these pictures'..opens to see a row of icons for the images, clicked on one and it took me to a Chinese site. Anyone else have this happen?

Posted by: longtack on Apr 19, 13 | 7:45 pm

She really is hot. Love her sexy backside in the third shot above.

Posted by: arf on Apr 19, 13 | 9:42 pm

Susie is was Linda.

Posted by: malpaso on Apr 19, 13 | 10:22 pm

Longtack, I just got the empty icons and then an empty screen at imagehaven. I'm just using the phone so hopefully when I get home they open. Would like to see more.

Posted by: Luke72 on Apr 19, 13 | 10:40 pm

You're right Doc. Still, I miss this smoking hot girl too!

Posted by: wylde8 on Apr 20, 13 | 1:19 am

hot but i think leanna scott is hotter...

Posted by: ..... on Apr 20, 13 | 3:04 am

I'd be happy either way.

Posted by: arf on Apr 20, 13 | 4:44 am

Sorry ..... and arf: I find LeAnna Scott's implants to be ridiculous. Way too big for her frame, poorly shaped, and distracting in a bad way. It's just volume.

I've seen plenty of women in south Florida with that factory boob job where the only consideration was "how many cc's do you want?"

Posted by: French on Apr 20, 13 | 11:42 am

Sorry....and French, they look pretty darn good to me. I'll take two please. :)

Posted by: arf on Apr 21, 13 | 4:53 am

She changed her name (to Susie Chan), got married (now Susie Ro), had a baby, and runs her own dental clinic. No joke.

I'm pretty sure her husband doesn't know either.

Posted by: asiancabanaboy on Apr 21, 13 | 6:22 pm

WOW....that is pretty cool that she stuck with dental school and became what she said she would.

I am sure her husband would know....

What town?

Posted by: French on Apr 21, 13 | 6:46 pm

I checked...I don't think that is her....

Posted by: French on Apr 21, 13 | 7:09 pm

@pug: lovely set of pics of Susie there! thanks.

Posted by: longtack on Apr 21, 13 | 9:02 pm

How did you get that information asiancabanaboy? I'm going to need some backing before I get the inevitable request to have your comment taken down...

I still think she looks more like a pre-implants Leanna Scott, but I'm open to any other verifiable info as to her identity.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 21, 13 | 10:35 pm

Actually, looking at pug's links I'm starting to wonder if asiancabanaboy might be right - supporting information please!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 21, 13 | 10:38 pm

Is it just me or does she look like Sunghi Lee in some photos?

Posted by: CEC on Apr 22, 13 | 12:01 am

I feel a cavity coming on:-)

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 22, 13 | 12:03 am

@Wingsfan: Ha ha ha, good one. :)

Posted by: French on Apr 22, 13 | 2:21 am

Wow, she's amazing. Somebody please post more links.

Posted by: slackerking on Apr 22, 13 | 6:15 am

Wingsfan lost me back there. Sorry...I didn't get that one, but would like too. And I still feel the first three shots above are the best. Not quite at at
a Sung Hi Lee level though...but very close.

Posted by: arf on Apr 22, 13 | 6:40 am

@CEC: I often thought Leanna Scott looked like SHL in some shots too, although I think this is largely due to the makeup.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 22, 13 | 9:04 am

Gents, can we please get back to the issues at hand?

Is our lovely Susie Tran here the Dentist now going by Susie Ro in San Diego? And (for arf) does Wingsfan have good dental insurance to take care of that tooth cavity or does he have to pay Dr. Ro straight cash?

Posted by: French on Apr 22, 13 | 12:17 pm

I don't think my insurance covers what I have in mind :-)
If it did I would be paying a lot more.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 22, 13 | 11:39 pm

Nice photos - I need to rake some leaves.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 24, 13 | 12:45 am

Have a look and decide for yourselves....

Posted by: asiancabanaboy on May 06, 13 | 6:49 am

The lips don't look the same, but to really be sure, we'll need to see some photos of Dr. Susie nude:-)

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on May 07, 13 | 6:51 am

Yes indeed. It's only fair. ;)

Posted by: Luke72 on May 07, 13 | 4:16 pm