Be Na / Nana Cafe Lu


This is Be Na, also known as Nana, from Cafe Lu in San Jose. She's one of the most searched for Cafe Lu servers, which I can only assume is because of her sparkling wit.


Age: 22
Height: 5'6
Located: Southern California
Ethnicity: ?








Posted by: TravisStroup on Apr 15, 13 | 12:00 am | Profile


You're welcome

Posted by: TravisStroup on Apr 15, 13 | 12:09 am

Those are pretty spectacular and round.

Posted by: arf on Apr 15, 13 | 3:25 am

Perhaps getting my coffee at the local Burger King drive-thru all these years was a bad choice.

Is the coffee any good? Viet iced coffee?

She is hot.

Posted by: French on Apr 15, 13 | 3:37 am

What's sparkling about her certainly rhymes with wit....

She doesn't really look very Asian until the last photo, but I'm not complaining.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 15, 13 | 4:34 am

Nice boobies. Matches with her frame. She's definitely a hottie.

Posted by: Quyen on Apr 15, 13 | 6:21 am

She has been at Cafe Miss Cutie and/or Cutie Lounge for quite a while. there are lots of shots of her full nude with body paint only from her days at Cafe Lu though online.

Posted by: oigg on Apr 15, 13 | 3:25 pm

small wow! from me.

Posted by: longtack on Apr 15, 13 | 5:06 pm

Really love the first pic. She looks like she is having a great time. Long may the good times continue my dear

Posted by: Basho on Apr 15, 13 | 5:20 pm

she is very gorgeous but i tend to move towards trinh alot more then the others maybe its just me but idk why i just find her the one that drives me nuts the most out of all the lu girls. dont get me wrong she along with the rest of them are hot in there own way. also dont know if i spelled her name right or not

Posted by: lauro on Apr 15, 13 | 6:25 pm

I don't think she earns much in tips because she does not seem to have much clothing. Poor girl.....

Posted by: French on Apr 16, 13 | 12:27 am

Whoa, I meant that she does not have much money for clothing....

Obviously, the less she wears the more in tips she will make.

French regrets the error and apologizes for being a post whore.

Posted by: French on Apr 16, 13 | 12:29 am

no worries mate. how' bout them boobies! ZoiKs!!!

Posted by: arf on Apr 16, 13 | 2:19 am

Nice umm ..... Photos!

Posted by: Luke72 on Apr 16, 13 | 2:22 am

very witty indeed...

Posted by: ..... on Apr 16, 13 | 3:33 am

She is a hottie. Nice boobies!!! But I have to ask where in San Jose is this Cafe lu? Can't find anything on Yahoo maps , Mapquest. Google shows pics from San Jose but no location info. Any Help is appreciated.

Posted by: H.D.30-06 on Apr 17, 13 | 10:17 pm

Cafe Lu is in Santa Ana, CA in Orange County south of Los Angeles. Be Na doesn't work there anymore though. She works at Cutie Lounge nearby it in Westminster, CA.

Posted by: oigg on Apr 18, 13 | 3:05 pm

Than oiqq.

Posted by: H.D.30-06 on Apr 18, 13 | 3:14 pm

Not in San Jose, in Santa Ana near Bolsa in Southern California.

Posted by: slackerking on Apr 22, 13 | 6:18 am