Marisa Tayui


Marisa Tayui is a film actress that I believe is 39 years old, although that may be Google playing tricks on me. She's going to play some role in an upcoming film called Zomboobies, which I can only assume will be the next Hollywood blockbuster. Be on the look out, and don't forget to check out her IMDB page.





Posted by: TravisStroup on Jan 19, 13 | 12:00 am | Profile


Looks 39. My kinda Asian MILF! I find that Asian women reach the peak of their sexual allure between 37-46. She was in Balls of Fury, House MD, Heroes, Monk. Usually plays stereotypical Asian roles, sadly, such as a "Geisha". Will have to check out Zomboobies. Sounds like an instant classic. "Opai Zuki Zombie" in Japanese, starring her, Korean Cathy Shim, and Diana Toshiko who was in Horrible Bosses. Opai is Japanese for "tits".

Posted by: luvjgirls on Jan 19, 13 | 1:57 am

OMGoodness the hotness!!!!...and we're the same age. YaaaY! She looks like some of my wifeys hot friends that play cards at my house for the past couple of years.

Posted by: arf on Jan 19, 13 | 2:28 am

Now THAT is my kind of Asian Goddess! I swear - living in Southern California - I see super sexy (older) Asian women like Marisa and I'm spellbound! Such a beautiful woman (obviously - she's an actress), but there are literally thousands of equally sexy women like Marisa here (super sexy mommies)! Asian women are stunning...simply stunning and Marisa is a classic example! Well done, Travis!

Posted by: AmericanArsenal on Jan 19, 13 | 3:23 am

This is what happens when an Asian woman takes care of herself.

I find the slight bags under her eyes a huge turn-on. Why?

arf: When is the next card game? :)

Posted by: French on Jan 19, 13 | 3:23 am

Right the frick now actually! That's so funny you asked...come on over. It gets loud though.

Posted by: arf on Jan 19, 13 | 3:27 am

oh yeah, cute and dumb 20 somethings certainly have their uses, but I’ll aways have a place in my heart for the asian milf.

Oh those beer-hof adjuma memories in SK. :-)

Can i get an invite to the card game too???

Posted by: kroos on Jan 19, 13 | 6:25 am

Lol French, I noticed the eye's too. I think it's because she looks like she just got out of bed, and didn't do much sleeping ;)

Posted by: Luke72 on Jan 19, 13 | 8:18 am

There's two things I like about MILFs: their sexuality, and quite often, their bodies. They work harder than most young girls to stay in shape, so they can end up being trimmer and fitter than the majority of young Asian girls.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 19, 13 | 9:11 am

I'm not that old, but she is nice, they only think that bothers me a bit is the heavy veins on her hand, but that no reason to kick her out.

Posted by: majiemao on Jan 19, 13 | 10:34 am

Same here in the Pacific Northwest. I love shopping at the Asian supermarkets due to the wealth of Asian MILFs. Unlike typical American women who throw on a sweatsuit and tie their hair in a sloppy knot, Asians make an effort to look nice.
Good point about the bags under her eyes. Tells me she is experienced in the ways of life and love. And that is always sexy.

Posted by: luvjgirls on Jan 19, 13 | 2:06 pm

39??? dang she is one hot milf!!!

Posted by: ..... on Jan 19, 13 | 5:08 pm

She speaks German and Japanese?

Achtung Baby!


I have spoken.

Posted by: French on Jan 19, 13 | 8:17 pm

Yes, extremely beautiful and classy. I wasn't sold on the first pic, at first. But the others revealed her beauty and now I like the first one, too.

My real problem here is, there simply don't seem to be enough high-quality photos of this woman. She has been working professionally for at least 13 years. I'd expect to be able to quickly and easily find any number of great pics of her--and from over the past years.

I admit I haven't really dug in and resorted to actual research, but I shouldn't have to! I'm spoiled by instantly being able to find a number of sources with a single Google Image search. I'm American, impatient, lazy and entitled! Damn you, Google! Damn you Internet!


Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Jan 19, 13 | 8:41 pm

She looks 39 but obviously taking care of her very well. She must work hard to keep that shape.
A real MILF (mom id like to find).

Posted by: daznlover on Jan 19, 13 | 10:46 pm

arf, you better set up another table for the guys' card game. I bet there's a lot of candidates around here ;)

Posted by: daznlover on Jan 19, 13 | 10:47 pm

That's one hot 39 year old in any language. And she looks like she'll be hot for a while.

Posted by: slackerking on Jan 20, 13 | 4:33 am

Gorgeous but I am betting she is closer to 45 (check the 2nd pic) - and nothing wrong with that. She'll be still hot at 60.

Posted by: longtack on Jan 20, 13 | 9:38 am

Totally hot. Love to be the "handyman" in her neighborhood. If I saw her at a party...and I was with a younger girl..I'd totally go "dirty dog" and slip her my number upon leaving.

Posted by: STRIPES on Jan 20, 13 | 3:41 pm

Not many pictures to go by but do you think she is the one actress in Los Angeles without breast enhancement?

She is hot.

Posted by: French on Jan 20, 13 | 11:25 pm

I'd love to play games at arf's house, and cards wouldn't even be necessary if his wifey's friends looked like this!

Hands, really? You noticed her hands majiemao?

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Jan 21, 13 | 6:04 am

I wish he didn't point the hands out :(
it's not a deal breaker but it made me look.

Posted by: Luke72 on Jan 21, 13 | 6:36 am

Ever since I saw that Seinfeld episode with the woman with "man hands", I also notice hands, lol. But I just look for size, not "character".

Again, she is fine....and count me in for game night at arf's house.

Posted by: French on Jan 21, 13 | 7:31 pm

She's hot. In the last picture her face reminds me of Naoko Mori from Torchwood.

Posted by: Elric on Jan 28, 13 | 1:21 am