Cindy Starfall


Cindy Starfall is an up and coming (pun intended) adult film actress that has starred in such movies as "This Title is Probably Gross" and "This One is Probably Racist." I don't know if those were the real titles.


Age: 22
Height: 5'1
Located: Vietnam
Ethnicity: Vietnamese/Chinese/Thai











Posted by: TravisStroup on Nov 20, 12 | 12:00 am | Profile


I'm going to guess most won't like her, and she's certainly not model beautiful. In fact she's probably not even really pretty but there something dirty hot about this girl and her body is delicious. Nothing quite like a Vietnamese girl in bed, and if she's freaky even better.

Posted by: slackerking on Nov 20, 12 | 3:05 am

That is probably the one way to keep me on a treadmill. For a couple of minutes anyway.

Posted by: Luke72 on Nov 20, 12 | 4:59 am

Very nice ass, and dirty hot is exactly right. But wait, an adult actress without any visible piercings or tats? Say it ain't so!

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Nov 20, 12 | 6:37 am

One star for the model, four and a half stars for the pun.

Posted by: kroos on Nov 20, 12 | 7:03 am

She may not be model beautiful. But she is remarkable. Wonderful golden skin and great energy. Oh and nice behind.

Posted by: Basho on Nov 20, 12 | 7:35 am

Yes! I love Cindy. She's smoking hot and has a tight petite body, and as an added bonus, loves to show it off. That first pic doesn't do her justice because she is a genuinely beautiful girl.

Posted by: wylde8 on Nov 20, 12 | 9:21 am

Now THAT is a GRILLE!! WAIT! Is that a hand-print or stretch marks in pic 6? =:-p

Posted by: NIGHTHAWK on Nov 20, 12 | 9:55 am

kroos: Good one.

I thought the Viet government does not allow porn to be made there? Is she really located in Vietnam?

I thought only Jean-Claude Van Damme could do those splits? I want to see her fight Jet Li.

Posted by: French on Nov 20, 12 | 12:40 pm

She looks fun!

Posted by: MisterGrimes on Nov 20, 12 | 4:31 pm

By the way lads, do you see the shoes she is wearing on the treadmill? THOSE are the type of shoes shorter women should wear to make the legs appear longer- not those "gladiator shoes" that wrap around the ankle, making the legs look shorter.

My work here is done.

Posted by: French on Nov 20, 12 | 5:44 pm

I think the mouth is strange, but I could get into her.

Posted by: majiemao on Nov 20, 12 | 6:49 pm

I think her pink pussy is beautiful.

Travis, Am I allowed to say that on Asian-Sirens?

Posted by: fungusfarm on Nov 21, 12 | 12:15 am

STRANGE MOUTH?? I'll say! You guys are NOT paying attention: The vampire fangs and overbite are so obvious in the lead photo! How much blood are you ready to lose?! Might be sweet for awhile...buuuttt after that...kurrrrrtains!! Vunderful...ahhh..hahaha!! =;-}

Posted by: NIGHTHAWK on Nov 21, 12 | 12:51 am

I am in love. Not much more to say than that. Anybody else here who might not like her, leaves more for me to look at. I see a lot of jaw structures like this in Philippine and Vietnamese women. I like to look at their xrays. Okay, that sounds weird. But the bone structure is a "type", a gene strain. I don't have an issue with it I guess. I think she's super cute. As far as whether she is good "model" material, as an art director I find that personality and projection go a long way toward making a successful image. She can be in my ad any day, lots of classic beauty here to dress up and work with.

Posted by: luvasianwimin on Nov 21, 12 | 2:09 am

I would love love love for this cute little star to fall on me. I'm wishing for it right now. She's perfect!

Posted by: arf on Nov 21, 12 | 6:51 am

I've seen a video of her and she is pretty good at what she does...I like!

Posted by: ..... on Nov 21, 12 | 10:52 am

I agree with 'dirty hot' and kroos, you're not only witty, but spot on with your ratings.
lol and I just KNEW arf would love love love her!
Wondering if the doc will find her unremarkable given she is Vietnamese.

Posted by: longtack on Nov 22, 12 | 1:37 am

Definitely dirty anyway. I would guess she shoots a pretty mean ping pong ball.
Not wanting to speak out of turn but this lady has nothing that would appeal to Doc aside from flexibility perhaps (Arf's link). I'm surprised it doesn't look like a girl in your class though Longtack ;)

Posted by: Luke72 on Nov 22, 12 | 2:58 am

Have a look on Youporn... She's very, ahem, accommodating for a little Asian chick.

Posted by: godzuki on Nov 22, 12 | 5:36 am

Hey Luke, I never taught in Shanghai where Longtack is, but where i used to work in Hunan province, I had a student who looked just like her. Albeit a bit more conservatively clothed....

Gotta love the diversity in China.

Hey Travis, a challenge for you. A Tuja or Miao model. The main minority groups in the central/southern parts Hunan province, and some of the most beautiful women I've seen.....

Posted by: kroos on Nov 22, 12 | 8:43 am

I was planning on writing something about Cindy once I had the chance. I think she has the perfect look for the line of work that she is in. She has that nasty look about her that I like to see, especially with that smile of hers. Prime example right here.

Posted by: Candyman on Nov 22, 12 | 3:29 pm

Luke72 guessed correctly - this is not the Viet girl I'm looking for. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 22, 12 | 10:34 pm

"She Plays a Mean Rusty Trombone". One of her movies. Seriously. The background was something like needing to pass a music class. I forgot to turn on the sound.

Played her scene. Impressive handling of such a large instrument. Her embouchure on the mouthpiece was textbook. The slide was kept well lubricated.

No real musical instruments were harmed in the filiming.

Posted by: dbldipper on Nov 23, 12 | 12:07 am

Did she hit a bum note?

Posted by: Luke72 on Nov 23, 12 | 4:04 am

i like the treadmill on the beach. whose idea was that?

But a cute little spinner in porn. Nothing wrong with that.

Posted by: ProfAbe on Nov 23, 12 | 3:44 pm

Cindy Starfall will meeting fans and signing autographs at Excitement 19841 Ventura Blvd Woodland Hills CA on December 8,2012 12-4pm. Come see her, she's super sexy and loves to meet her fans.

Posted by: Excitementgirl on Nov 23, 12 | 4:32 pm

Thanks for the morning LOL dbldipper and Luke72. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 23, 12 | 9:39 pm

Not in Shanghai kroos - I'm in nth Jiangsu. Doesn't matter though, the women are beautiful all over China.

Posted by: longtack on Nov 27, 12 | 6:53 am

Definitely not model material but she is raunchy and hot on video. Love this girl!

Posted by: allasian on Nov 29, 12 | 3:07 am

Just received this message in relation to Cindy:

Hello Asian-Sirens - This may be of interest to your subscribers, would you be kind enough to post this on your site? Thank you:)

Hot New Asian star Cindy Starfall will be appearing this weekend at the San Fernando Valley's top adult boutique "Excitement" for a special store signing this coming Saturday December 8th.

This exciting event will be from 12pm Noon to 5pm.
Excitement is located at 19841 Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills .

Excitement will also be having door prizes and lots of cool giveaways all day long

Cindy will be signing DVD's and pictures, including many new and exciting titles.

"We've got DVD copies of movies and 8 X 10's for the fans, so come down and meet her in person.

The special event signing is part of a signing stint at the popular adult store where the sexy and talented clients from Galaxy Publicity will be signing and meeting fans. Photographers and fans alike delight in the signings, which are filled with the stars meeting their fans in person.

Press and media that would like to cover this store signing can contact Galaxy Publicity at 310-927-2192 or email

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 05, 12 | 12:38 am

Surely they could have slung a couple of dvd's this way for the promo help, or have they got stuck at your desk Doc? ;)
Sadly the couple of grand airfare counts me out, a twenty buck cab fair probably would as well, unless Dipper was getting the band back together lol

Posted by: Luke72 on Dec 05, 12 | 8:00 am

If Dr. Lee would like a couple dvds, of course we would oblige, he knows how to reach us:)

Posted by: Excitementgirl on Dec 06, 12 | 6:05 am

There's an offer too good to refuse Doc! Now can we get one of the US readers to take them down and get them signed.

Posted by: Luke72 on Dec 06, 12 | 7:44 am

Did anyone make it?

Posted by: Luke72 on Dec 08, 12 | 8:21 pm