The Invisible Maniac's Only Asian Victim

Here's Betty, played by America's only Asian Scream Queen icon, Debra Lamb, meeting her demise in the 1990 comedy-horror film, The Invisible Maniac. For just about everything you'd like to know about Debra, see my June 2011 interview with her.

Posted by: CEC on Oct 29, 12 | 1:00 am | Profile


No comments on this one yet? I thought it was hilarious!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Oct 29, 12 | 9:30 pm

Great tits! but what sort of maniac wouldn't rip off her panties?
Debra is lovely.

Posted by: Luke72 on Oct 29, 12 | 9:36 pm

Holy WoW!!!...she is a lovely lovely woman. She's ten years older than me and she's so gorgeous. I think she could have the perfect look in my book.

Posted by: arf on Oct 30, 12 | 2:26 am

ya shes good but i couldnt help but lol at the movie

Posted by: ..... on Oct 30, 12 | 8:50 pm

sigh..nothing but white space in this post for me.

Posted by: longtack on Oct 31, 12 | 1:22 pm