Charlie Bit My Finger and Viral YouTube Videos

The video above - from the people who brought us Sexy Mandarin - appears to be the latest YouTube video to go 'viral'. It's actually a spoof of the most viewed video on YouTube ever, the infamous Charlie Bit My Finger. Personally, I find the original video pretty lame, although I find the new one quite entertaining, for obvious reasons! Along with my previous post on YouTube sensation Natalie Tran, this led me to wonder: what is it that makes a YouTube video go viral? I am very interested to hear our readers' opinions on this!

BTW, I will be doing a feature soon on the new models at Sexy Mandarin. Here's the two girls from this video, Candice and Vrenna:



Here's a behind the scenes video:

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 02, 12 | 12:00 am | Profile


Female homo eroticism usually just bores me these days...but THAT was damn hot!

Posted by: STRIPES on Aug 02, 12 | 4:10 pm

Ummm...well..OK Doktor. I get these two are pretty hot...OH YEAH..!? Kept waiting to see A LOT MORE from these two...but...??? (Maybe I don't have a finger-fetish?? =;-}

Posted by: NIGHTHAWK on Aug 02, 12 | 10:56 pm

i want to see more too! still hot regardless...

Posted by: ..... on Aug 03, 12 | 12:03 am

As I mentioned, I will be doing a follow-up post, so you will see more. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 03, 12 | 3:02 am

I don't find them that attractive and the video is just creepy to me

Posted by: majiemao on Aug 03, 12 | 5:27 am

I just bit my tongue watching that. I'll have to go with hot on that.

Posted by: arf on Aug 04, 12 | 4:59 am