So What's Going On With Natalie Tran?

With over 431,515,000 views and 1,086,500 followers, Vietnamese Australian Natalie Tran is an absolute YouTube phenomenon. Although I'm not a fan personally, I have to admire the craft of her sharp editing and witty, quick fire dialogue. Incredibly, she was churning out a new video every few days, building up a grand total of 287 clips, until she suddenly stopped without warning four months ago, after posting the video above. Her Facebook page - which is still active - doesn't give any clues as to why, despite many requests from her fans. Does anyone know?

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jul 29, 12 | 12:00 am | Profile


I was wondering that too, I really enjoyed her videos. I imagine it took a bit of time making them so I would guess either a job or a boyfriend, something that takes up her spare time. I saw her on the 7pm Project as the Sydney correspondent.

Posted by: Luke72 on Jul 29, 12 | 4:37 am

I am a bit surprised that it hasn't already been said, but, "How could you NOT know this Asian babe?!?" ^^

Posted by: raconnection on Jul 29, 12 | 5:38 am

New to me.If those view numbers are could she NOT be raking in good money? Humor-wise....kinda' reminds me of Tracy Ullman.

Posted by: STRIPES on Jul 29, 12 | 5:44 am

I do NOT know this Asian Babe...but wish I could. She is rather sexy I do say. Nice legs...pretty face.

Posted by: arf on Jul 29, 12 | 8:58 am

shes cute and i dig the accent. videos are kind of funny too.

Posted by: ..... on Jul 29, 12 | 12:45 pm

She posted on twitter a few hours ago:

Posted by: King Of Naboo on Jul 29, 12 | 2:14 pm

Ah! So it seems she will be getting back in the saddle shortly. Still curious about her absence though...

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jul 30, 12 | 12:45 am

I know she got a deal with a travel company to go around the world filming clips but I thought that was already awhile ago, maybe its something related.

Posted by: majiemao on Jul 30, 12 | 11:51 am

The odd thing is that she hasn't said.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jul 30, 12 | 2:02 pm

Apparently it had something to do with the fact she broke up with her boyfriend whom she dated for years...

Posted by: paranoyd on Jul 30, 12 | 10:23 pm

Ah, that would explain why she she didn't want to talk about it publicly.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jul 31, 12 | 12:21 am

She is funny. Was wondering myself what happened. She's a lot funnier than ExoticJess on YouTube.

Posted by: Ryuk on Aug 10, 12 | 7:03 pm