Chanty Sok


Chanty Sok is an actress that plays a very small role in the new movie Ted. I have no idea what her career will look like after that movie, but any time you're in a movie there's a chance you become famous. Now with something like 20,000 views on this website - BOOM. Famous.

As I've said before, I prefer to keep negative talk about non-models to a minimum. I don't know if that counts for actresses as well, but I feel it should. Dr. Lee is welcome to disagree.

Note from the Doc: I am of the opinion that non-models should not be held to the same standard as models when judged purely on looks, so even though the same basic rules apply to all posts here, I am somewhat in agreement with Travis.

Age: 27
Ethnicity: Most Assuredly Khmer with that name.







Posted by: TravisStroup on Jul 27, 12 | 12:00 am | Profile


She's really sexy, I think she would get mostly positive comments anyway.
Is she good in the film? I really hadn't planned on seeing it as I find Marky Mark Wahlberg a bit wooden but I may have to check it out.

Posted by: Luke72 on Jul 27, 12 | 12:42 am

I don't think you needed to warn us about negative comments with this girl. She's beautiful, and now I have yet another very good reason to see that movie.

Posted by: wylde8 on Jul 27, 12 | 12:46 am

pretty hot...wish there were more pics tho

Posted by: ..... on Jul 27, 12 | 2:18 am

there's lots of pics in the IMDB link, I like this one...
she was also in Fighter, that was a good film, I liked Marky Mark in that.

Posted by: Luke72 on Jul 27, 12 | 3:52 am

Got nothing but praise here.Pretty girl.

Posted by: STRIPES on Jul 27, 12 | 4:45 am

So tempting to write something negative just because:-)

Another reason to go see Ted, just have to convince the wife.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Jul 27, 12 | 6:43 am

WoW!!!...this girl is pretty amazing. Love the shot with the blue dress. Very beautiful.

Posted by: arf on Jul 27, 12 | 11:55 am

Beautiful girl, last pic my favorite. Her resume says she's been a runway model in addition to acting.

Posted by: luvjgirls on Jul 27, 12 | 12:08 pm

I love the non model (natural) look.

Posted by: Duane Alexander on Jul 27, 12 | 2:15 pm


Posted by: Quyen on Jul 27, 12 | 4:07 pm

I love her last photo. She doesn't seem like she forcing a smile in the other photos. She's very pretty. I just watch Ted and I'm trying to figure out what role she played...

Posted by: nancybui on Jul 27, 12 | 6:37 pm

Have not seen Ted but in the trailer isn't she one of the prostitutes on the couch? She is one hot lady.

Posted by: Lard on Jul 28, 12 | 12:02 am

According to the article posted by Duane Alexander, she's Cambodian.

Posted by: myrke on Jul 28, 12 | 3:56 pm

This girl is smoking hot! Just my type. Makes me want to see Ted, just to see her. Fabulous post.

Posted by: slackerking on Jul 28, 12 | 5:28 pm

I believe she was the one that pooped on the floor of the apartment! haha! great movie. You should all see it. She makes it better. I like her in the last pic - the soft look does it for me.

Posted by: fungusfarm on Jul 29, 12 | 2:38 am

Why would anyone say anything bad about Chanty is beyond my understanding. She's beautiful and hot!

Yeah, she was one of the girls in the couch, lucky Ted:

Posted by: daznlover on Sep 02, 12 | 12:38 am