Spicy Japanese Featuring Kaoru and Hayami Kikuchi

In my previous article on Kaoru Kikuchi, I mentioned that she would soon be launching Sexy Japanese. Well, it has now become Spicy Japanese, and their first video - What Time Is It - has finally gone live, featuring not only Kaoru but her sister Hayami! Dare I say the i-word? What's more, Hayami has also been featured in FHM - you can see her photos after the jump.






Spicy Japanese YouTube channel
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Sexy Japanese Facebook page

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jun 07, 12 | 12:00 am | Profile


Still love her!! She doesn't look pure Japanese to me, though.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Jun 07, 12 | 5:57 am

Very cute! I like her face! She has beautiful facial features!

Posted by: fungusfarm on Jun 07, 12 | 7:09 am

wow!!! finally it's launched!!!! they are both gorgeous!!!

Posted by: Quyen on Jun 07, 12 | 4:22 pm

yeah. they look more chinese than japanese to me.

Posted by: Quyen on Jun 07, 12 | 4:27 pm

oh my....... * dribble*.

Posted by: kroos on Jun 07, 12 | 7:35 pm

Actually, while I think Hayami does look Japanese, Kaoru looks Korean to me. I think Hayami is cuter, but Kaoru is sexier.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jun 07, 12 | 11:57 pm

The close up with the lips saying i ma na n ji is just so hot with them juicy candy red lips of goodness.

Posted by: arf on Jun 08, 12 | 3:48 am

the FHM pictures appear look remarkably untouched by photoshop. I could definitely learn Japanese this way.

Posted by: Luke72 on Jun 08, 12 | 6:07 pm


Yes, yes.

Yes, yes, yes!

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Jun 08, 12 | 8:54 pm

Yes - very cute!!!

Posted by: ..... on Jun 09, 12 | 1:17 pm