Namfon Patcharin


Namfon Patcharin is a Thai actress with a nice smile. She stars in Thai dramas, but I think she's more famous for who she's dating at any given time because almost all of her pictures she's with a man. I could have explored that further, but then I'd have to look at pictures of men, and that wasn't going to happen.


Age: 25
Height: 5'5
Ethnicity: Thai
Located: Thailand








Posted by: TravisStroup on Jun 09, 12 | 12:00 am | Profile


She is the prettiest Thai girl I have seen. I have never been fond of Thai or really any south-east Asian (Cambodian, Vietnamese, Laotian, Hmong or Thai) women but, Namfon has changed my mind.

Posted by: fungusfarm on Jun 09, 12 | 12:21 am

Gorgeous Thai girl! Girls like this one are the only reason I can sit through a lot of those Thai TV shows that I can't understand.

Posted by: wylde8 on Jun 09, 12 | 1:30 am

Yeah she is pretty amazing one of best south Asians I've seen

Posted by: majiemao on Jun 09, 12 | 1:54 am

I agree. She is absolutely gorgeous.

Posted by: Quyen on Jun 09, 12 | 5:14 am

Pretty crazy hot indeed!

Posted by: arf on Jun 09, 12 | 7:23 am

I agree with the above comments - really pretty girl!

Posted by: ..... on Jun 09, 12 | 1:19 pm

Yes, lawd!

Posted by: pres on Jun 09, 12 | 2:42 pm


Posted by: bearman on Jun 09, 12 | 6:46 pm

ummmm... sure she's a very attractive lady... but she doesn't bring out the "I wanna fool around with her" vibe in me.

This lady is more of the "I have to buy her a new car and diamond rings" type..... which in my current financial situation is not gonna happen....

Having said that, she is actually the first thai lady i have seen who is actually beautiful instead of just 'cute' or 'sexy'.

Posted by: kroos on Jun 09, 12 | 8:33 pm

I am not getting it, I guess I have to abstain on this one. She is a pretty enough girl-next-door, but she seems to appeal to the people who don't like Thai because she doesn't look more than 20% Thai to me. I like them to look Thai. To me she just doesn't have any sexiness about her, or anything exotic. I really have to disagree with the statement that Thai women that look Thai are "cute" as opposed to beautiful, maybe we need to bring more of these beautiful Thai here so people can see them.

Posted by: luvasianwimin on Jun 10, 12 | 1:22 pm

Not saying this woman isn't beautiful but yes, I'd like to see more 'beautiful' Thai women who look closer to 100% Thai too.
So, essentially I think I am agreeing with luvasianwimin here.
lol kroos, so we won't see any pics of you and Namfon dating any time soon?

Posted by: longtack on Jun 10, 12 | 2:03 pm

Soo true, youse: Are we running out of native Asian models? This lady is certainly "Western Beauty Queen" level but lacking the excitement of Asian-Exotics at several levels.

kroos got it right: Definitely HIGH MAINTENANCE this one! =:-p

Posted by: NIGHTHAWK on Jun 10, 12 | 3:22 pm

Beautiful.Very "waspy" vibe for a Thai girl.Still quite pleasing to the eye.

Posted by: STRIPES on Jun 10, 12 | 7:46 pm

Can I change my previous post???? Nighthawk agrees with what I wrote......


@Longtack.... sure I can send you photos of myself and Namfon. But they'll be photoshopped... and we won't be 'dating'.

Posted by: kroos on Jun 10, 12 | 8:22 pm

Pretty girl, but I too prefer the more exotic and full thai girls.

Posted by: slackerking on Jun 10, 12 | 10:02 pm

Nice smile. She's gorgeous.

Posted by: MisterGrimes on Jun 11, 12 | 8:18 am

she is gorgeous, I don't know what the complaints are about. I would love to mess around with her, hell I'd love to mess around in her panty drawer.

Posted by: Luke72 on Jun 12, 12 | 1:29 am

She may not look traditionally Thai, but she does look gorgeous.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Jun 15, 12 | 4:04 am

The dominant aesthetic in Thailand puts more emphasis on the message the face gives off than any particular sensuality advertized from the neck down. In a land where 8 or 9 people out of 1O under the age of 4O have waistlines that are narrower than their hip lines, isn't it understandable that there is no particular reason, other than pure lewdness, to fixate on the shape of the pelvis.
In Thailand, "its about the Face."
This woman has a rather elegant face.
Ergo, she is Hot.

Posted by: jynnlevel on Jun 17, 12 | 11:12 pm

I'd like to fixate on her pelvis, even though I agree she has an elegant face.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Jun 18, 12 | 5:52 am

I'm not usually a fan of Thai girls, but she is beautiful!

Posted by: blondie on Jun 26, 12 | 2:24 am