Shay Mitchell


Shay Mitchell is a model and actress from Canada, who was brought to my attention by one of our readers who suggested her to be featured.

Shay began her career as a model before becoming an actor, and currently stars in the ABC Family teen drama/thriller Pretty Little Liars, which will begin filming its third season in April. It looks like we have another amazing half-Asian beauty to discuss.

Name: Shannon Ashley Mitchell
Age: 24
Birthdate: April 10, 1987
Ethnicity: Filipina/Irish/Scottish
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada








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Posted by: Candyman on Feb 20, 12 | 12:00 am | Profile


Very interesting look, she's very flexible ethnicity wise depending on attire and eye makeup.

In pic 1 with salmon silk tiered/gathered dress she almost looks asian/black.

In pic 6 with the pink embroidered sari, she looks very Indian.

The real answer? Her mother is Filipina and her father is Irish and Scottish.

Posted by: The_Collector on Feb 20, 12 | 12:25 am

Her best pic here is #4, grey off the shoulder sweatshirt, but she looks phenomenal here:

Curiously in the rest of the set from the salmon colored dress, she looks completely different.

Posted by: The_Collector on Feb 20, 12 | 12:37 am

Her posing is awkward. I think someone told her five year ago to drop a shoulder so she didn't seem so strong, but I think its one of her best quality(s).

In linked pic above, she really owns her body and her shoulders look great. She looks like a superhero.

Posted by: The_Collector on Feb 20, 12 | 12:39 am

The girl looks stunning. The camera seems to love her, so I can see why she's popular.

Posted by: wylde8 on Feb 20, 12 | 2:07 am

very pretty girl. sometimes she looks more asian, sometimes more spanish

Posted by: ..... on Feb 20, 12 | 12:34 pm

If they have a remake of Zorro, she could easily fill the spot of Catherine Zeta-Jones. Eyes and smile are real winners.

Posted by: jleetechie on Feb 20, 12 | 12:38 pm

Oh my Shay...I like Shay. Very beautiful.

Posted by: arf on Feb 20, 12 | 4:07 pm

She's not really my type, but there's no denying she's one hot little number.

Posted by: slackerking on Feb 20, 12 | 6:35 pm

Gorgeous. I get the the feeling when she asks in the video "let me know what you want to see more of", that she will not accommodate my request ;)

Posted by: Luke72 on Feb 20, 12 | 9:03 pm

Pretty but not so gorgeous. Kinda cookie cutter TV looks which probably explains her success and wide appeal in that medium.
But pic 4 is sexy.

Posted by: longtack on Feb 21, 12 | 12:45 am

The large percentage of candid shots adds to her appeal for me.

Posted by: Luke72 on Feb 21, 12 | 4:33 am

OK some shots (like the one The_Collector posted) she can look - and I borrow the word - "phenomenal".

Posted by: longtack on Feb 21, 12 | 8:50 am

Very attractive but I wouldn't say she has a sophisticated look, more pretty-girl-next-door.

Posted by: luvasianwimin on Feb 22, 12 | 7:27 pm