Mary Ly


Mary Ly is a very petite Hmong model turned actress, and personally a great example of the beauty of Hmong women. Few Hmong women that look like this turn to modeling, and it's often the less beautiful ones that get tricked into it - perhaps for self-esteem reasons. Mary Ly, however, is very attractive, and hopefully she and all Hmong women will gain more notoriety through this site.


Age: 25
Height: 5'1
Ethnicity: Hmong
Located: MN









Talent Jug

Posted by: TravisStroup on May 24, 12 | 12:00 am | Profile


Very nice:

AS has been on a roll lately!

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on May 24, 12 | 2:05 am

Very nice indeed, I love the first pic especially.

Posted by: Luke72 on May 24, 12 | 2:19 am

mmm very hot!

Posted by: ..... on May 24, 12 | 2:28 am

Cute. I've always thought Hmong women were pretty. I have never met a tall Hmong person.... Does her right seem wonky?

Posted by: fungusfarm on May 24, 12 | 5:43 am

She's cute. Typical Asian girl I see everyday though.

Posted by: Quyen on May 24, 12 | 5:59 am

oh yeah, she'd be a HUGE amount of fun.

@ fungus..... you mean her right eye?? Yeah in the 2nd last photo something doesn't seem right..... Maybe a tad cross-eyed... but for me that actually adds to the cuteness factor for some reason. It also means she might be extra good at focusing her attention on objects positioned right in front of her face....

Posted by: kroos on May 24, 12 | 7:53 am

Ok, now there's a few misconceptions here.

"Few Hmong women that look like this turn to modeling, and it's often the less beautiful ones that get tricked into it - perhaps for self-esteem reasons."

First, I'm sure no offense was meant, but if you'd said "black" instead of "Hmong", I'd read you the riot act.

Second, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, THIS WEBSITE VISITORS ASIDE (lol), you're more likely to prefer members of your own ethnic group visually, and having been to that little Hmong dating ceremony up by Sapa on the Chinese/Vietnamese border, there is a lot of competition for many of them.

Thirdly, all the hot Hmong women get kidnapped and smuggled into S China.

In fact, last time we rode tiny Minsk motorcycles through that area we saw a ton of posters up identifying Hmong women that had been "stolen" and kidnapped across the Chinese border (shortage of women in S China I guess).

A lot of the women on those posters were extremely attractive.

Off the soapbox.

And yes if that girl was in Sapa I'm sure they'd be saying "there's a queen Hmong us".

Posted by: The_Collector on May 24, 12 | 2:29 pm

Yes, Kroos, that's what I meant! Thanks! ;)

Posted by: fungusfarm on May 24, 12 | 3:10 pm

I don't think most attractive black women turn to modeling either, so that would be true.

Secondly, I'm in the Hmong capital of the United States, and the birthplace of Hmong Hotties, and I've met some of them and now know more about the photographer. I feel I can say with confidence that there are extremely attractive Hmong women everywhere, and none of them seem to get into modeling.

Posted by: TravisStroup on May 24, 12 | 4:44 pm

It's changing now, of course, but I'm convinced that those that are not attracted to Hmong women feel that way because the ones that go into modeling tend to not be as pretty as the ones that do not.

Posted by: TravisStroup on May 24, 12 | 4:45 pm

I love Hmong women, I'll take this girl a thousand times over the previous one even though her body is obviously not nearly as good.

Posted by: slackerking on May 24, 12 | 8:48 pm

She's such a tiny package. Thats not a bad thing though. I rarely run across girls as cute as her.

Posted by: wylde8 on May 24, 12 | 9:07 pm

Gorgeous, especially the playful one where she is upside down in bed.

Posted by: longtack on May 26, 12 | 3:03 am

Yummy, she tries to tease all of us.

Posted by: Niners on May 27, 12 | 12:13 pm

The Hmong can have very exotic, beautiful features and she is a great beauty. I always loved chatting up the Hmong girls at the Farmer's Markets near us where a Hmong extended family runs an organic farm. Sometimes they send the guys to tend the tables though, and all I get is some really nice vegetables. Sigh.... the slight crosseyed thing seems fairly common among part-Chinese women (that I know), I wonder if there is a little mix there.

Posted by: luvasianwimin on May 28, 12 | 7:51 pm

I love the sixth one down in the bikini.

Posted by: arf on Jun 04, 12 | 5:25 am