Sexy Photos of Baby VOX Members


CEC reminded me a while back about Baby VOX, a Korean girl group that was scary famous with Chinese Americans (and presumably Koreans) across world. They retired in 2005 and they've been around so long that you can find a million things about them as a group if you are interested. Me, I like photos. So I've picked the sexier photos of the individual members of Baby Vox and placed them below.

Lee Hee Jin



Kim EZ


Kan Mi Youn


Shim Eun Jin






Yoon Eun Hye




Lee Hee Jin
Other Baby VOX
Shim Eun Jin

Posted by: TravisStroup on May 16, 12 | 12:00 am | Profile


They're not shy... and I like it :-)

Posted by: wylde8 on May 16, 12 | 12:11 am

I use to love baby vox!!!! they are hot though!!!

Posted by: Quyen on May 16, 12 | 1:58 am

Wow! Never heard of Baby Vox but, I'm impressed with the very sexy ladies! Great bodies, cute faces! Loved the first pic of Lee Hee Jin! I love fine Asian women!

Posted by: fungusfarm on May 16, 12 | 3:19 am

I'll be nice. I don't care which one i get.

(although if given the choice, I'll take one without a billboard on her back....)

Posted by: kroos on May 16, 12 | 6:10 am

I have no idea how they sound, and I don't care!!

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on May 16, 12 | 6:26 am

I thought it was a BMX tyre tread kroos at first. (woops a tat comment), then wondered about kissing each character on the way down.
All jokes and tats aside, this is a very sexy group of gorgeous Korean women. Especially Lee Hee Jin and Shim Eun Jin.

And VOX? who? when? Sing do they?

Posted by: longtack on May 16, 12 | 6:30 am

Actually Longtack, I'm not so sure it's NOT a BMX tyre track.... It kinda looks like it could be writing but not from a language i'm familiar with. Almost arabic, but it's not.

I'm having fun now imagining grabbing the outstretched foot in photo 10, and using a wrestling grip to flip her over onto her back... and then getting an eye-full of panty shot (or even better, not panty shot) as she scrambles legs flailing in the air like an upturned turtle as she tries to resume her original pose...

Posted by: kroos on May 16, 12 | 8:02 am

Kim EZ looks like my type of girl.

Posted by: Candyman on May 16, 12 | 10:33 am

Wow.. Lee Hee Jin is beautiful.

A great post. Thanks Travis.

Posted by: weekender on May 16, 12 | 2:29 pm

All this and they can sing, too? Nice. Gotta be Shim, though. If she comes to Amerika I will show her around.

Posted by: luvasianwimin on May 16, 12 | 7:01 pm

EZ ... what a great name!!!

Posted by: Hidy Ho on May 16, 12 | 11:13 pm

yoon is mad hot... I highly approve. despite the (again, sigh) tacky/weird tattoos. can easily overlook this once, because she's otherwise so worthy...

Posted by: Brian S. on May 16, 12 | 11:24 pm (her's weren't tagged don't show up for "other")

Posted by: Brian S. on May 16, 12 | 11:26 pm

I love the first and last girls, hot hot hot. The rest not so much. btw, the tire tread comment was funny

Posted by: slackerking on May 17, 12 | 6:31 pm

not too bad at all

Posted by: ..... on May 17, 12 | 11:30 pm

I can't really remember their names, but I'll take one of each.

Posted by: arf on May 19, 12 | 4:45 am

Wow! Some seriously hot ladies in that group. I didnt care for their music (I am not a pop-rock fan) but watching them dance and gyrate was plenty entertaining :)

Aside: In Korean and Chinese the surname is usually listed first, correct? So their names are Jin, Jin, Hye, Youn and Kim? My ex-wife is Chinese but I never got the hang of learning Mandarin or Teochew.

Posted by: Arktik on May 20, 12 | 10:16 pm