The Girls of the Horny House of Horror

Horny House of Horror

For the first entry of this Halloween double feature, here are the cute and sexy stars of the 2010 comedy-splatterfest Horny House of Horor. This one's another low budget gem from Japan that's full of spurting blood, cheap titillation, and low-brow humor. But what really makes this one a must-have, is that the entire female cast is composed of JAV alumnae.

Gracing the above poster for the movie are (left to right) Mint Suzuki, Saori Hara (known as "Mai Nanami" in her pre-AV days), and Asami Sugiura (credited in the movie as just "Asami"). The ladies play a trio of castrating cuties employed at the Shogun Massage Parlor, a "fashion health" establishment, which is actually (as the Japanese title implies) a fashion hell establishment for the men who patronize it. Highly recommended if you like a lot of blood with your comedy and with your T&A.

Kaori (Mint Suzuki), Nonoko (Asami), and Nagasi (Saori Hara)
Kaori, Nonoko, and Nagasi (played by Mint, Asami, and Saori, respectively) allowing the customers to feel a small sample of the goods before leading them upstairs.

Mint Suzuki
Mint Suzuki plays the seemingly sweet but sadistic Kaori, who shares a "very close" relationship with the equally evil but less subdued Nonoko. Mint is the lowest-profile JAV idol of the three here, so there's no Wikipedia page or website where you can find out anything and everything on her, but here's her Livedoor blog (in Japanese) and Google (Translate and Search) is always everyone's friend.

Asami/Nonoko shows some pretty decent fighting skills in what could be considered the film's climatic scene. Asami has chalked up an impressive list of non-AV credits to her name, mainly in the horror/gore genre, such as The Machine Girl, Robo Gesha, Mutant Girls Squad (all mentioned in this entry) and the soon-to-be released Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead. She's also appeared at independent horror film festivals outside of her native Japan and given interviews (through a translator). To learn pretty much all you'd want to know about Asami and her career, just check out her very detailed Wikipedia page.

Saori Hara
Spoiler Alert: Unlike the other two girls at Shogun, Nagasi leads us to believe she's just working there to pay for her mother's medical bills and she doesn't share the same taste for blood that her colleagues do. Maybe half that is true. She doesn't seem to take the same pleasure in separating the men from their "valuables" as the other ladies do, and she does make an effort to escape with one of her intended victims, but in the end, we learn her true motivation for working there, and it's not a shocker. She's another JAV star with a very complete Wikipedia page.

Horny House Of Horror Trailer

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...phew..... glad i haven't been to THAT place of ill repute....

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