Khai Lim


One more of the FHM girls. This is Khai Lim. She's a model that recently joined a singing group called the "Kitty Girls." I think I speak for everyone when I say they named that group for arf.


Age: ?
Height: 5'6
Ethnicity: ?
Located: Philippines









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Posted by: TravisStroup on Dec 24, 11 | 6:57 pm | Profile


Santa’s loadin’ up his sleigh
With lot of wonderful toys
Got Rudolf to show the way
To good little girls and boys

What will Santa bring for me?
In this the year of twenty eleven
Not asking for a very large bounty
Just an AS angel from heaven.

Travis has reached down deep
Into his bright red Siren sack
And brought us Miss Khai Lim
For features she does not lack.

Trim, sleek
And a body that smokes
Can make a man weak
Like all you gawking blokes.

Gotta tell you though
In looks, she’s abit slack
So I may not go with the flow
Santa, you can have her back

Posted by: dbldipper on Dec 24, 11 | 11:55 pm

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Posted by: wknight on Dec 25, 11 | 12:31 am

My fave photo us the pink tip with the pink strip knee high socks. Other than that...she doesn't look too special. Doesn't stand out...look like any other ordinary Asian model.

But the photography is pretty good.

Posted by: nancybui on Dec 25, 11 | 1:59 am

Yeah not much wow factor in her for me either. I like the last pic for the overall pose but also for the way her backside juts out nicely.
Also the second pic. haha I like the way she is slyly (unconciously perhaps) giving us the forked fingers.
Merry Xmas AS readers.

Posted by: longtack on Dec 25, 11 | 4:28 am

Wow, tough crowd for Christmastime. I think she's gorgeous and I LOVE the last photo.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Dec 25, 11 | 4:45 am

I'm not sure this one was born a woman. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 25, 11 | 9:23 am

Now that you mention it Doc, some of the pics (2-7) scream 'lady boy' don't they? ;-]

Posted by: longtack on Dec 25, 11 | 12:00 pm

In most of these photos she just looks pissed about something. Has that "leave me the F alone" demeanor.

That said, the weebly site and her own site show a much softer and sweeter look - maybe Travis was in a bad mood when he posted & and picked the Grinch pix.

I might need another peek into Travis' toy bag.

Posted by: dbldipper on Dec 25, 11 | 2:40 pm

ya a bit ladyboyish to me

Posted by: ..... on Dec 28, 11 | 1:58 am

Not as stunning as the last one, but still really hot. I treasure my FHM Philipines magazine subscription.

Posted by: slackerking on Dec 31, 11 | 5:05 pm