Yukie Nakama


Yukie is someone that I knew about from when I first started collecting photos, but I never took a moment to find out more about her until I started writing this article. One of our readers by the name of Terry suggested that we feature Yukie, so hit the break to find out more about this stunning beauty.

Yukie started out as a gravure idol and as a singer, then later became an actress. She is best known for starring in the TV series Gokusen. I started watching the first episode while writing this article and I loved it. Once I have some free time, I will try to catch the rest of the episodes online.

I am glad that Terry suggested featuring Yukie on Asian Sirens. I would not have found out about Gokusen if not for his suggestion. If you are reading this and know of someone that you would like to see featured here, you can do so by using the Contact Asian Sirens link on the left of the page.

Height: 160cm
Blood Type: AB
Birthdate: October 30, 1979
Birthplace: Urasoe, Okinawa, Japan












Video | Video 2
Gokusen Ep. 1

Posted by: Candyman on Apr 12, 11 | 6:00 am | Profile


Gokusen is a brilliant series. I have both seasons of it. The film Shinobi that she was in is a romeo and juliet story with ninjas. She is also fantastic in the movie Ringu 0: Bāsudei a sequel to ring.
Thanks for this article.

Posted by: tezzer220 on Apr 12, 11 | 7:24 am

By the way, 160 cm is 5'3".

Posted by: stuthemann on Apr 12, 11 | 11:29 am

cute, classy, and conservative. A good combo.

Posted by: Quyen on Apr 12, 11 | 12:05 pm

Cute and classy, yes, but conservative is never a plus for me. :-)

Anyway, a very pretty girl!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 12, 11 | 12:18 pm

Yukie is my sisters girl crush. lol. The onlygirl my sis says she would gladly turn gay for.
She is stunning. That is why i suggested this feature.

Posted by: tezzer220 on Apr 12, 11 | 1:10 pm

Her smile is beautiful.classy ladies se awesome. She might be a lady on the street..but behind closed doors..who knows ;)

Posted by: nancybui on Apr 12, 11 | 3:40 pm

Very beautiful, nice smile and hot body ^^

Posted by: jsex network girls on Apr 12, 11 | 6:07 pm

Behind close doors? I would love to find out. Lol. She is just so beautiful.

Posted by: tezzer220 on Apr 12, 11 | 7:25 pm

I wonder if Longtack would put down his knitting for THIS lady?? :-)

She is stunning. And I gotta agree with Quyen (and disagree with the noble Doc) on this one. There is something about a classy 'conservative' woman that floats my boat.

Maybe as Nancy says, it's the repressed latent capacity for wildcat behaviour behind closed doors. Just like in those librarian porn movies. (I thoroughly believe porn movies can teach us a lot about the world, and are the reason why I'm growing my mustache and going to pool cleaner school).

Posted by: kroos on Apr 12, 11 | 7:43 pm

Some of her photos remind me of Shu Qi. Not a bad thing.

Posted by: TivoMan on Apr 12, 11 | 11:03 pm

Damn, she's hot!

Posted by: pres on Apr 13, 11 | 12:35 am

Reminds me of my girlfriend, in particular the "lady in the drawing room, the [not so much a lady] in the bedroom".

Posted by: luvjgirls on Apr 13, 11 | 12:43 am

looks more chinese than japanese. elegant beauty.

Posted by: ringking on Apr 13, 11 | 12:47 am

LOL @ kroos. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 13, 11 | 1:29 am

kroos while I take offence at the 'knitting' quip, i can't ignore your challenge.
Actually I might have been the first to post, having been on before you all had decided to comment. but the dreaded lurgy had got me so bad I couldnt get the energy to log on.
And I was going to say this woman is charming. A great set of pics that show off her versatility. Love the way she stares right down the lens. Classically beautiful looks that will never date, esp the first pic. I like the air of mystery she sends out.The last pic just soothes me.
No nudes? who cares?

Posted by: longtack on Apr 13, 11 | 2:13 am

She is stunning. In the same message i sent suggesting a feature on Yukie i also suggested one on tsukiko amano (now just Tsuki Amano) A fantastic singer from Japan. Hopefully we will see a feature on her soon enough.

Posted by: tezzer220 on Apr 13, 11 | 3:55 am

this girl could use some sexy french lingerie...

Posted by: sucez on Apr 13, 11 | 4:02 am

No offence intended Longtack, I was just ribbing you about your lack of enthusiasm for the lady a couple before this one. I reckoned she was an absolute stunner and couldn't understand how she wouldn't float ALL boats....

HOWEVER, after seeing Yukie, I'm starting to come around to your point of view.......

Posted by: kroos on Apr 13, 11 | 4:35 am

PS. I bet however that Yukie can't gobble down a Mcdonalds burger meal as quick as a Gympie girl.

Not that that's necessarily an essential attribute for the next Mrs Kroos.... I'm just trying to give myself some kind of consolation thought.....

Posted by: kroos on Apr 13, 11 | 4:38 am

lol@kroos, they all come round in the end. hmmmm as do Maccas burgers. And lets not even think about the derrieres of Gympie women.
And yes I am sure Yukie here would be full after the toasted bread course at Sizzler.
And notice I passed no comments on the previous two models. Silence, as they say, is golden.
We do seem to be on an upswing @ AS.

Posted by: longtack on Apr 13, 11 | 7:07 am

Following the earlier comment (by ringking) that she looks more Chinese than Japanese, I agree: she doesn't seem to be the typical Japanese model. Which for me, makes her rather special. She exudes IT (and that's not Info Tech btw) that rare indefinable quality that is hard to put into words.

Posted by: longtack on Apr 13, 11 | 7:14 am

her eyes are just mesmerising! the camera loves her.

Posted by: longtack on Apr 13, 11 | 11:07 am

She's just so lovely. Nice and simple but very beautiful.

Posted by: arf on Apr 13, 11 | 2:50 pm

I see Shu Qi like qualities in her, which to me means non-typical look but yet uniquely sexy. Those lips!

Posted by: Hidy Ho on Apr 14, 11 | 12:21 pm

Very, very pretty. If she had been her current age when I was stationed on Okinawa instead of 9 or so, who knows?

A guy can dream, can't he?

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 19, 11 | 5:32 am

Some people may think this type of gravure is not titillating enough, but I personally appreciate this type of photography and modeling very much.

Posted by: Japanese Girls on Apr 25, 11 | 12:32 am

Yukie doesnt need to do any of the topless or nude photography. Just her beauty is enough for her pictures.

Posted by: tezzer220 on Apr 28, 11 | 2:11 pm