Sharon Lee


Sharon Lee is a french born asian porn star actress. She hasn't been in the sceen for long but is already atracting quiet a lot of attention. Sharon doesn't hold back on screen and has done some pretty hardcore stuff already. It's quiet refreshing to see a top class Asian adult actress based in France. Her accent is awesome of course!

With few quality asian adult actresses coming through in the US/Europe over recent years (Asa Akira withstanding), Sharon stands out as a potential star. Let's hope she has a long and fruitfull career.













Age: 22
Height: 162cm 5' 3
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Located: France

N.B. Links lead to explicit content

Pics 1
Pics 2

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Interview (French language)

Posted by: Shuai Ge on May 22, 11 | 2:23 pm | Profile


It never fails, Chinese girls ALWAYS look more attractive in their native China. Once they leave the mainland--or Taiwan, they pick up these terrible western ideas of fashion and body imagie. Pretty girl, but I'd take a mainlander over her any day.

Posted by: laowai2003 on May 22, 11 | 3:28 pm

Hmm..she got junk in her trunk lol

I'm sorry to say...she doesn't look that attractive w/o makeup...but with makeup..she looks like a sexy fantasy

Posted by: nancybui on May 22, 11 | 7:46 pm

Sharon's crossing into US market now. Do a search on for "explicite" - a French site she got her start on. I got nearly 20G of her work from there. Very kinky girl.

Posted by: Nik2 on May 22, 11 | 11:33 pm

oh oui, ma cherie!!

Posted by: sucez on May 23, 11 | 12:35 am

ive seen some of her videos...she isnt the prettiest girl out there but she def gets the job done!

Posted by: ..... on May 23, 11 | 12:55 am

Not I says I

Posted by: Luke72 on May 23, 11 | 2:43 am

Count me in.

Posted by: arf on May 23, 11 | 2:43 am

Here's a real nice one I thought was nice.

Posted by: arf on May 23, 11 | 2:52 am

Ah, thanks for this update. I found her a couple of years ago, and I think she's yummy!

Posted by: Kelly on May 23, 11 | 3:19 am

She certainly would do the body good.

Posted by: arf on May 23, 11 | 4:41 am

Here's another source for Sharon Lee photos:

Most of them are in the above listings, but some are new.

Posted by: Kelly on May 23, 11 | 5:54 am

Several more photo and video galleries here:

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on May 23, 11 | 6:23 am

@Kelly: Cheers for putting up the warashi link. Don't know how i forgot that one. They really love Sharon over their, what with being a french site and all.

Posted by: Shuai Ge on May 23, 11 | 10:43 am

@laowai2003: Except she is Vietnamese.

Posted by: chosun on May 23, 11 | 1:56 pm

Yes, deliciously hot...thx for posting.

Posted by: vanilla_gorilla on May 23, 11 | 4:26 pm

This one's okay.
I agree with you Shuai...there really has'nt been much in the way of stand-out Asian porn talent in American produced videos in recent times.Strange...
The last one I thought was crazy hot was Aliyah Yi .She's been gone for 5 years now.

Posted by: STRIPES on May 25, 11 | 1:27 pm

@ STRIPES: yes a real shame that really, there did use to be a few real beauties, but they seem very few and far between these days. Here's hoping the future will be brighter with more girls like Sharon coming along

Posted by: Shuai Ge on May 25, 11 | 2:27 pm

God,I love this site..

Posted by: melon on May 25, 11 | 4:23 pm

Nice ass and I'm loving her breasts. She does know how to make her curves work for her...

Posted by: daznlover on May 25, 11 | 8:46 pm

Love her with a small landing strip over the more typical bald-eagle!!! Definitely want to see how good she really is in some Adult scenes -- with lips like that, she definitely has some oral potential!! :)

Posted by: AsianBoobMan on May 26, 11 | 2:22 pm

Fantastic! But picture #8 is not her. It is Tia Ling.

Posted by: dr_pepper_ on May 27, 11 | 6:51 pm

@ dr_pepper: sorry man, but I think your mistaken.

Posted by: Shuai Ge on May 28, 11 | 1:12 am

No way is that Tia - her tits don't look fake enough. It's definitely Sharon.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 28, 11 | 1:26 am

@ dr-pepper: Although in pic #8 Sharon does look like my buddy Tia Ling, Shuai is right that you are mistaken because it is Sharon Lee...IIRC that pic was shot by John B. Root or Patrick in Paris.

Sharon was taking a little break from porn shoots for the last 4 months...hopefully she will be back in front of the cameras but I amm not giong to hold my breath :<(

Don "Asianman" Fernando

Posted by: DonFernando on May 28, 11 | 8:38 pm

Don Fernando, nice to see you around here. Nice new site you got there.

Posted by: daznlover on May 29, 11 | 10:10 pm

Looks nasty, very nasty. Am I allowed to say that?

Posted by: geckosiam on May 30, 11 | 12:49 am

That depends on what you mean by 'nasty'. If you are simply referring to her sexuality as I suspect, then it's fine.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 30, 11 | 3:11 am

Picture #8 is definitely not Tia Ling, it's also my favorite of those here. I think Sharon looks a lot better without the bangs.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on May 30, 11 | 4:02 am

ah... come on Wingsfan, you gotta love the fringe. Sharon has more of a swoosh going on a lot of the time anyhows

Posted by: Shuai Ge on May 30, 11 | 9:10 am

I hate the long, straight fringe a lot of Asian girls have these days! A swoosh is okay though.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 30, 11 | 9:19 am

Depends on the lady. But for Sharon in some of these pics I don't find it very attractive, especially in pic 2.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on May 31, 11 | 5:04 am

Thanks guys. I stand corrected (while seated): photo #8 looks like Tia Ling but is not. I'm a new Sharon Lee fan.

Posted by: dr_pepper_ on May 31, 11 | 6:59 pm

Sharon is very beautiful and definitely is a fan of the anal sex! Seems these girls who work overseas are much more open to anal!

Posted by: allasian on Jun 09, 11 | 12:24 am

Let's see now...
Pretty face, no tattoos, no goofy piercings, real breasts, plenty of junk in the trunk.
I think I'm in love !!
Now if she would just finish shaving, she would be PERFECT !!

Posted by: *wolf7* on Aug 07, 11 | 12:07 am

Quite by accident I came across Sharon Lee for the first time today on xHamster and so it is nice to see these stunning pictures of her here. Her performance on video was something to behold. She certainly has some striking curves.

I was also interested in Shuai Ge's comments about Asa Akira. Now there's someone who has come on amazingly in the last coiuple of years, from when I first saw her on Mr. Chews Asian Beaver, when it was apparent that she had a lot of talent. She's recently been working with Tia Ling (who isn't the one in photo #8 as a number of people have already pointed out) and has her own official website. They both seem to do a lot of anal work these days. I hope they don't do themselves an injury.

Posted by: ainipporn on Aug 19, 11 | 10:36 pm

<< Ethnicity: Han Chinese >>

WTF?? She's Vietnamese

Posted by: O'Brian_Jack on Aug 12, 12 | 10:44 am

AT LAST ! ... I finally found a place to wish the wonderful SHARON LEE a happy birthday ! Sure hope I've got the right date, but in any event always know I'm wishing you the best Sharon !

Posted by: Jayride on Aug 02, 13 | 6:19 pm

I prefer Sharon Lee to Asa... Asa doesn't really do it for me for some reason.

Posted by: Liam73 on Dec 08, 13 | 3:07 pm