You Xuan


Earlier I was looking to ID two very hot Chinese women in this photo I came across. Thanks to the help of some fellow readers, I found out the name of the chick I was really looking to identify is You Xuan who is one of the sexiest women that I have seen in a good while and is deserving of a proper article.

Initially I thought that Xiao Gan, who was pictured on the right was the hotter of the pair until I got a better look at You Xuan and was blown away by how hot she was. Her hotness is just on another level. So for the past few days, I've been like Indiana Jones crawling through slow-loading, pop-up laden Chinese websites looking for more pics of her. The good news is that I found plenty of pics, so you guys get to benefit from my hard work. Make sure to check out the links at the end of the article.

Yu Xuan, U-Xuan, 优漩
















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You Xuan Sampler

Posted by: Candyman on Aug 25, 09 | 10:00 am | Profile


OMG!! Perfection!!! Absolutely perfect body and face!! In my opinon

Posted by: GATOR on Aug 25, 09 | 10:09 am

What a face!

Posted by: knarf on Aug 25, 09 | 10:57 am

Sexy, sexy...

Posted by: Breeze454 on Aug 25, 09 | 11:32 am

Interestingly, I think the main thing her is the quality of the photography - it seems the Chinese glamour photographers are outstanding! Although in fairness, You Xan certainly knows how to pose.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 25, 09 | 12:10 pm

In your orginial post i too thought the girl on the left looked amazingly hot. But held comments until now she is even more incredibly beautiful. And from these new pictures the other girl looks pretty tasty as well.

Thanks goes to my fellow AS members again for introducing someone i'd not otherwise have the pleasure of knowing about.

Hope more pics of both ladies turn up

GATOR, you said it right.... Perfection. head to toe

Posted by: Keyser Soze on Aug 25, 09 | 12:23 pm

Question for Dr.Lee Impants? her breasts look great. If she does have implants what type and method used would you think? I'm curious to know because if my GF ever gets implants this is what i'd like her to get. Thanks KS

Posted by: Keyser Soze on Aug 25, 09 | 12:27 pm

Yeah - I'm guessing submuscular implants (that's why they have such a natural upper breast slope) with an underarm incision. Given that they seem to be locked in place, I'd say they have a textured surface. However, I cannot tell from the photos if they're saline or silicone - saline will result in a smaller scar, but silicone implants feel much better (and modern gel implants are less prone to rupture too), so I'd recommend silicone over saline (the scars will not be very visible if underarm anyway).

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 25, 09 | 12:59 pm

I live in China now for 5 years... my god!....those puppies sure aren't home grown but I aint complaining...I'm taking a punt on Hunan or Anhui provence look...but who gives a frack....she is ....nnniiiccceee...

Posted by: badnews on Aug 25, 09 | 1:52 pm

I was really hoping you guys would feature on the other girl in the photo, I though she was prettier. Oh well. =(

Posted by: jdrevenge on Aug 25, 09 | 2:54 pm

This is definitely the better of the two, she just has such a sexy look in her eyes...the boobs work for me too. You're sure they're fake? I've seen Chinese girls with big boobs like these that also sit up so perfectly.

Posted by: AlienOverlord on Aug 25, 09 | 3:19 pm

THE MOST 'sultry' Chinese witnessed at A-S by me; with that 'man-eater' look, pouty-mouth and other delicious accoutrements...DI-NO-MITE!!!!!
Disappointed those lovely 38s aren't naturals...will get over it. (Wonder what she looks like with a smile??)

Posted by: NIGHTHAWK on Aug 25, 09 | 6:26 pm

OMG! I hope 'sultry' doesn't have anything to do with 'breeding'?? OMG!!

Posted by: NIGHTHAWK on Aug 25, 09 | 6:34 pm

Just excellent. Excellent excellent excellent. I don't understand where these photos are coming from though? I only just recently found out about MetCN, and now there is this girl - where are these websites that she's posted? How many more beautiful women would we find if we could locate these sites??

I drool with anticipation. I need to learn Chinese.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Aug 25, 09 | 8:40 pm

Dr.Lee Thanks for the information. You made the comment of "locked in" to me looks as if the her left breast, her left our viewing right, breast moves a bit even to the point that it seems to be real.

Perhaps this is explained by some shots are longer after the surgery and therefore are more life like, as where soon after surgery everything is more least i believe this to be how it works.

Posted by: Keyser Soze on Aug 25, 09 | 9:48 pm

Outstanding. Nice rack!

Posted by: azngurlluvr on Aug 25, 09 | 10:21 pm

That b&w photo is lovely.

Nothing like a tanned/dark naked girl covered in sweat, oil, grime, and dirt.


Posted by: AsianD on Aug 25, 09 | 10:22 pm

This is making me a little hard.

Posted by: EddyMaximilian on Aug 25, 09 | 10:24 pm

@Keyser Soze - yep, things do loosen up over time. However, what I meant by "locked in" is that the implants don't move around independently of her breast tissue, which would normally happen if the implants were smooth. Hence, the "locked in place" look of textured implants is actually a more natural movement (and certainly a more natural feel). However, if you want that super bouncy look you see in Japanese models (which fools people into thinking they're real), then you'll want smooth.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 25, 09 | 11:29 pm

Nice work. Too bad she doesn't seem to do any butt shots.

Posted by: wylde8 on Aug 26, 09 | 12:01 am

Hot and the tatoos don't distract from her beauty.

Posted by: johnnie on Aug 26, 09 | 12:29 am

Wow...just wow. Rockin' hot (and I'm with you NIGHTHAWK--> would like to see her with a smile too.)

Great post Candyman.

Posted by: AS_Appreciation on Aug 26, 09 | 2:08 am

Totally HOT !

Posted by: mdt566 on Aug 26, 09 | 3:02 am

hmmm love a woman with curves =]

Posted by: pander on Aug 26, 09 | 4:46 am

Thak to Candyman! She is truely candy for the eyes.

Posted by: billytkidd on Aug 26, 09 | 5:03 am

I don't really see what all the fuss is about. In Vegas, she would just be average. BTW, I think I went to high school with her. :-) j/k lol

Now that we have that out of the way, I had to dig up a thesaurus to find suitable adjectives to describe You Xuan's hotness, but I'd rather just look at her pictures.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Aug 26, 09 | 6:11 am

@wylde8 There are a few butt shots to be found in the galleries linked in the other thread, but there's a reason there aren't many: she doesn't have one, sadly. It's the only thing holding her back from near-perfection, in my book - those are some of the most amazing thin legs I've ever seen. (I usually prefer 'em a little thicker/rounder, but hers... just, wow!)

Posted by: JoeBlough on Aug 26, 09 | 6:24 am

I could probably love her a long time. I also like the black and white photo, the way she has a sheen on her hip/buttock area. And...she's a little dirty too. HOT!

Posted by: arf on Aug 26, 09 | 7:10 am

While looking at You Xuan's pictures on Google, I found these pictures (and more) of a lady who at first glance I thought was Bai Ling, but no. I believe her name is Zhang Xiao Yu, but a rose by any name is still a rose.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Aug 26, 09 | 7:14 am

I hope you guys like this web.

Posted by: lostcolors on Aug 26, 09 | 8:37 am

Once again, seriously, I love this girl. Maybe it is because her photos are high quality without being the traditional Japanese poses, but just... Man.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Aug 26, 09 | 8:55 am

I do very much think it's mostly in the photography in this case.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 26, 09 | 1:27 pm

Actually, after looking at lostcolors' link, I'm now certain her appeal is mostly in the photography. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 26, 09 | 1:35 pm

....shs so nice i had to come back and sya HI agian..Hi!....

Dr Lee...seriously?!? think if she was in the flesh giveing you a little attention you'd be worrying about the appeal of the photso...the camera cant lie THAT much...

Posted by: badnews on Aug 26, 09 | 2:17 pm

I don't see what you guys see in her.

Posted by: jdrevenge on Aug 26, 09 | 2:50 pm

For sure some good photography (and poses to boot) but what a woman.. Thks CandyMan for a great post!

Is it just me or does she resemble the Thai babe Ms Boo over on pacificbeauty?

Posted by: Andrei on Aug 26, 09 | 3:54 pm

very hot but i want to see her smile

Posted by: ..... on Aug 26, 09 | 11:30 pm

@badnews: as I say above, she certainly knows how to pose sexily in front of a camera, so the camera isn't necessarily "lying". But in person, I really don't think she would be that remarkable.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 27, 09 | 12:01 am

I'd have to disagree with you here, Doc. I think she'd be very remarkable in person. ^_^ Amazing body, sultry face and she exudes sexuality.

That said, the pic with her and a friend on the bed... ummm... I think my fantasies might be fulfilled if I was there in person (which in itself, is a fantasy... ironic?). :-P

Posted by: sevendeuce on Aug 27, 09 | 1:43 am

She is very sultry in her photos, but once again that's mostly the posing, makeup etc. In some of the photos lostcolors links to, she isn't this way, and looks basically attractive but not spectacular.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 27, 09 | 2:10 am

Well, it's certainly hard to speculate what she might be in reality but I'd like to think that she's as sexy and sultry in person as she is when posing for the camera.

Guilty until proven innocent! :-P

Posted by: sevendeuce on Aug 27, 09 | 2:14 am

...Dr Lee....I'm willing to make the sacrifice to prove you wrong ...should the opportunity presnt itself.....what a martyr.... :D aren't you even a teeny bit curious....?

Posted by: badnews on Aug 27, 09 | 3:59 am

When you've seen as many hot Asian chicks as I have - and when you're a glamour photographer yourself - you inevitably learn how to see through this stuff. But you're very welcome to try and prove me wrong. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 27, 09 | 4:08 am

Great post. I find her to have a unique and interesting look. Once again I gotta say, I still don't get this idea that she wouldn't look hot in real life. Hot is hot, makeup just magnifies it.

Posted by: slackerking on Aug 27, 09 | 5:04 am

You obviously haven't seen many fashion models in person. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 27, 09 | 5:12 am

very nice tatas :)) real?

Posted by: LawBoy on Aug 27, 09 | 5:22 am

As I explain to Keyser Soze above, I don't think so. And welcome back LawBoy. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 27, 09 | 5:41 am

ok, so this is the only spot I can think of. Since you found this girl, do you think this girl is asian or?

Also, any info on the other girl? She actually attracted me more @.@

Posted by: ZodiacD on Aug 27, 09 | 8:29 am

real ...not real.... potatoe/potato....I'm half chinese...and i say .....BRING 'EM ALL ON!!!....glamour photgrapher huh doc...tough gig man

Posted by: badnews on Aug 27, 09 | 11:32 am

You know what they say - somebody's got to do it. ;-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 27, 09 | 11:58 am

I'll back up what Dr. Lee wrote; some fashion models are totally plain looking without makeup and photography. Think of it as a blank slate that the makeup artist and photographer can use to "paint" the look they want to achieve.

When my son was small, he had a friend whose mother was a model. In real life her face was ok but nothing special, though she had an excellent figure. One day I went over to her house to find my son and she had just come back from a shoot. I didn't even recognize her. She looked spectacular, and that wasn't taking into consideration the photographer's part of the equation.

Models are fantasy for the most part. Some are truly sensational in real life but most aren't as hot as you'd think.

Posted by: Hakka Guy on Aug 27, 09 | 2:00 pm

i still think that there must have been reasons why model can be model- at least having photogenic face is a must..

i really cant imagine what a hard work it will be for photographers or producers if they search models based on criteria : not looking too good, not too hot, but can be greatly upgraded by makeup

Posted by: dyner on Aug 27, 09 | 6:01 pm

Glamour modeling is just that, heightened reality. Making more out of something, but you still have to start with a good base (although as we've seen in past posts some famous models look pretty ragged underneath, but they still have the facial structure, etc. For instance, you couldn't make that singer on that "Talent" show (can't think of her name right now) look like a model no matter how much makeup and photo talent you had. Just like you can't be a great athlete without the core ability and athleticism.

Posted by: slackerking on Aug 27, 09 | 10:44 pm

@dyner: as Hakka Guy said, photographers like a blank canvas to work with these days. Slackerking is right in as much as they aren't going to be very ugly, but they're often very plain - because that's how they like them.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 27, 09 | 11:09 pm

slackerking speaks my mind in more elaborative way. But i think i got your point doc.

Maybe the plain beauty is better for some photographers than beauty with some specific character, as the plain one will be easily fitted by makeup to the various photoshoot theme. correct me if i'm wrong as i'm not even close to professional photographer :)

Posted by: dyner on Aug 28, 09 | 12:39 am

Yep, that's correct.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 28, 09 | 1:57 am

Oooh Oooh! Her boots were made for walkin. She's so hot.

Posted by: arf on Aug 28, 09 | 2:21 am

Pretty sexy and seductive eyes .. I love it!

Posted by: Hot-Models on Aug 28, 09 | 4:46 am

So plain is not necessarily bad, still some people would regard it as strength and the uniqueness of the model

Posted by: dyner on Aug 28, 09 | 7:36 am

Strength for current modelling, yes; uniqueness, by definition, no.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 28, 09 | 10:10 am

I just love her breasts and her curves. Love...

Posted by: daznlover on Sep 04, 09 | 7:29 pm

Go ahead. More please.

Posted by: Niners on Sep 05, 09 | 5:35 pm

Thanks for ID'ing this babe.

Is this hot hot hot girl even Chinese? because she sure doen't look it.

Given her hot looks, she looks more like a Thai babe, especially with that tatoo.

She's got that hot tight Thai body type with a simmering amount of sun-kissed blessed skin tone.

Posted by: TedS on Sep 06, 09 | 12:14 am

You Xuan

I Want

Posted by: TedS on Sep 06, 09 | 12:46 am

I agree that she does looks a bit "Thai-ish" in some shots (the tan and the tattoos certainly help), but I think she really is Chinese. I certainly do not agree that Thai girls are hotter than Chinese though.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 06, 09 | 10:16 am

wow.. she looks like my cousin..

Posted by: _J on Sep 06, 09 | 5:32 pm

I think the other girls in the Photos are hotter but this girl is amazing as well.

Posted by: HideoMax on Sep 07, 09 | 10:27 pm


Posted by: PlayerMP2 on Sep 24, 09 | 6:00 am