Filipina Singer Mocha Makes Out with Four Filipinas

Filipina singer Mocha Uson graces the cover of Maxim Philippines for April 2009. Her cover feature comes hot off the heels of this hot clip circulated online in March, featuring Mocha making out with Filipina sexpot Jaycee Parker. The timing is just too perfect, but any time's a good time for two Asian sirens to make out. Talk about viral video marketing.

Carrying on with the lesbian action, Mocha's Maxim shoot features threesome-to-foursome foreplay with her girl group. Apparently, touring together has made them very, very comfortable in each other's company.


Posted by: Mike Abundo on Mar 30, 09 | 10:22 am | Profile


I don't care about timing, it's still hot. All I need now is that issue of Maxim. I know someone has to know where to get it or find it online. Let a brotha know. :-)

Posted by: Candyman on Mar 30, 09 | 11:20 am

Alright - now Mocha is the kind of Filipina I like! Very sexy, and with a fabulously trim and taut stomach (a problem I often have with Filipinas is that they are a little bit "soft" and "thick").

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Mar 30, 09 | 12:00 pm

Mocha and her sexy play thing could teach allot of men a thing or two about how to properly please a Filipina or any woman for that matter. Thanks Mike for the posting!

Posted by: IrishGent on Mar 30, 09 | 10:44 pm

Wow! Never heard of these girls, but damn those vids were nice. LOVE that magazine cover too. Totally agree with IrishGent on their ability to please too!

Posted by: maxdiesel on Mar 30, 09 | 10:50 pm

Not easy to find some bi or lesbian filipinas. I'm loving this post Mike!

Damn hot action and Mocha is really so damn sexy. Love her making out with Jaycee. Oh man..... made my night.

Posted by: daznlover on Mar 30, 09 | 11:13 pm

Is it just me or is it getting a little warm in here :O ??

Posted by: Chairman Kaga on Mar 31, 09 | 12:03 am

Very nice post. Mocha is one hot pinay!

Posted by: Migz on Mar 31, 09 | 12:22 am

thats so hot

Posted by: ..... on Mar 31, 09 | 1:12 am

Wow! Nice. Very nice.

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Mar 31, 09 | 1:26 am

Love that cover.

Posted by: wylde8 on Mar 31, 09 | 2:36 am

I could watch that first video all day!

Posted by: Chairmanpete on Mar 31, 09 | 6:35 am

Not really that much into girl-girl (and no, I'm definitely not into guy-guy), but this is still pretty hot.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Mar 31, 09 | 6:46 am

I love me some Filipinas!! Nice!!

Posted by: Denver11 on Mar 31, 09 | 10:07 am

Wow! Those images will be playing on my mind for the rest of the week now!

Gotta get a hold of that issue of Maxim!!!

Posted by: Mzungu on Apr 01, 09 | 9:49 am

Oh my!!!...I just blew a fuse watching these intense smooching vids. Daznlover's right too, it's seems pretty hard to find philipina lesbo's. My wife says so too. It's almost like a taboo or something. Let me watch them one more time.

Posted by: arf on Apr 02, 09 | 6:06 am

Filipina lesbos are called tomboys, so think twice before calling a Filipina a tomboy! BTW, back in the day, you could catch girl-girl action in a couple of the bars in Angeles City (maybe you still can) but I don't know for sure if the girls were lesbo, bi or just putting on a show. My vote would be for somewhat bi.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 03, 09 | 4:11 am

In Angeles or elsewhere you can watch some fake bi shows. There are some tomboys also, but those are the ugly ones. But the real deal, with beautiful girls, it's rare IMHO.

But when it happens, it's like this, mind blowing!

Posted by: daznlover on Apr 07, 09 | 12:44 am

dazn, I really didn't notice how beautiful the girls were between the San Miguels and the spectacle of it all. Seemed real enough, though, but also more of a "show" for us than actual lesbi friends. All I remember thinking is "Wow, this is different", "Can I get another beer" and let's go to another bar with prettier and safer girls. For anyone here who visited Angeles (Balibago) at the time, the bar was the Fire Empire. It also featured the girls "snatching" up beer bottles among other items.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 07, 09 | 6:39 am

oh momma....time to visit the Philippines!!! :D

Posted by: AsianBoobMan on Apr 07, 09 | 8:36 pm

That is so unbelievably HOT. I would really like to know the story behind the Mocha/Jaycee vid, though. I mean, it's one thing for two women to get it on; it's another to have it shot on video. And yes, they all seem VERY comfortable with each other. Much more so that all that fake rubbing and tentative kissing on Cinemax.

Posted by: Curtis G. on Apr 18, 09 | 2:56 pm