Sooyeon Lee


Sooyeon Lee is more than just a model (and not just because I could only find 5 photos of her online) - she is the number 3 ranked table tennis player in the United States.

She is also very tall. Sometimes I look at models like Tilae and they appear (in their images) like they could at least look me eye to eye, if not tower over me. But then you look at their heights and you see 5'3, 5'4 or shorter, and you start to realize that if you met them in person, they would be just as small as anyone else. Sooyeon is 5'10. With heels, she may even be taller than me. That's impressive.



Age: 23
Height: 5'10
Weight: 110
Shoe Size: 8.5
Ethnicity: South Korean/Brazilian
Located: Los Angeles, CA





Is anyone able to find more modeling photos?


Table Tennis Photos
Sooyeong Whooping Some Dude and Ping Pong

Posted by: TravisStroup on Nov 15, 08 | 9:56 pm | Profile


She may also be 30. I can't really find anything about her. Something hinted that she was 28 in 2006, but I do not necessarily trust it.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Nov 15, 08 | 10:18 pm

interesting mixture

Posted by: number1fireballfan on Nov 15, 08 | 10:53 pm

This girl is very pretty.

Posted by: Denver11 on Nov 15, 08 | 11:36 pm

Very hot ! You are on a role Travis !

Posted by: mdt566 on Nov 15, 08 | 11:36 pm

Her arms are very skinny. Probably one of the things that explains the very low weight considering her height. She does not look unhealthy - very fit, in fact - but you can tell that she both:

a) plays a sport and practices a lot (low weight)
b) plays a sport that does not involve much muscle.

So she loses a lot of weight but does not gain it back in size. She is very pretty though, and in person I would not at all hold the low weight against her, but I think it may make it hard for her to land certain modeling jobs.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Nov 15, 08 | 11:47 pm

Hey Travis, I thought you were going to take a well earned break! I'm certainly not complaining though. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 15, 08 | 11:48 pm

I thought I'd be out today. But after a long night yesterday, that idea seems less and less appealing. Also, Sooyeon only has 3 photos, which makes re-sizing with Microsoft Paint a significantly faster job.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Nov 15, 08 | 11:55 pm

Travis serves another winner!

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Nov 16, 08 | 12:13 am

The brazil in her shows through [too much]. Her name is awesome though (I know somebody named sooyeon). Isn't it awesome? Anywho, nice body. Nice find, Travis.

Posted by: jdrevenge on Nov 16, 08 | 12:44 am

Who she is hot...and tall...

Posted by: luvmandy on Nov 16, 08 | 12:57 am

Great body in the top photo. She's hot and I wanna see more of her.

Posted by: arf on Nov 16, 08 | 2:15 am

wow..great..too bad not too a revealing pix..but i love her korean face

Posted by: LawBoy on Nov 16, 08 | 4:23 am

I like mixes

Posted by: VinL on Nov 16, 08 | 4:34 am

hehe that's hot =)

Posted by: KTEngOnline on Nov 16, 08 | 4:36 am

A girl who is hot and plays ping pong? Can it get any better than that? Its nice to see an attractive girl in competitive ping pong because there aren't many of them. I wonder what kind of blade she uses.

Posted by: wylde8 on Nov 16, 08 | 7:31 am

haha the ping pong picture is funny, but yes shes a keeper ;)

Posted by: melodylee on Nov 16, 08 | 10:28 am

A google search for Soo Yeon Lee takes you to several places including the following, another ping pong event

Posted by: dslewisiv on Nov 16, 08 | 2:22 pm

LawBoy, her face doesn't really look that korean at all in most of the pics.

Posted by: jdrevenge on Nov 16, 08 | 5:13 pm

I'd bet on her being 23.

She's pretty and has some great abs which are important for table tennis.

Posted by: daznlover on Nov 16, 08 | 9:12 pm

YES Soo Yeon is very attractive and her table tennis matches are beautiful to watch.I have seen her frustate and battle some excellent players.The matches are long and fantastic.

Posted by: RDIRT on Jan 04, 09 | 1:36 pm

Soo Yeon was on Entourage last night. She was playing herself and was guest star John Stamos's ping pong coach.

Posted by: Denver11 on Jul 26, 10 | 2:27 pm

How come there's next to no info on her? She doesn't even have her own wiki page..

But ya I had to look her up after I saw her on Entourage lol

Posted by: hova09 on Jul 27, 10 | 6:37 pm