Japan-Inspired Portraits by jphotoshooter


Flickr user jphotoshooter just sent me a contact invite.

I’m a photographic artist telling stories in collaboration with wonderful (18+) models. Together we are creating cute, sexy and innocent dream scenes inspired by feelings of kawaii Japanese cosplay, anime, and pop culture.

Check out a slideshow of his work on my blog.

Posted by: Mike Abundo on Nov 04, 06 | 9:24 am | Profile


Uh, yeah. Not so much.

Guess my brain has a little trouble freeing itself from my self-imposed narrow parameters of hot Asian babeness I've shackled it to to be able to appreciate such stuff as this. Oh well.

Posted by: Krazy4Kobe on Nov 04, 06 | 1:29 pm

I can see where the artist is going with some of these. I dig some of the pictures too.

Posted by: bigstusexy on Nov 05, 06 | 12:23 am

Mike, why linking to your blog whil you can also directly link to jphotoshooter at Flickr?

I've updated the posting with a proper link to Flickr!

Posted by: thanirz on Nov 05, 06 | 7:15 am

The slideshow links to his pics. Either way, the link to Flickr works too.

Posted by: Mike Abundo on Nov 05, 06 | 8:04 am

Yes, we should always show respect to the original photographer if possible :-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Nov 05, 06 | 9:24 am

Since the slideshow link above is broken I've directly linked to my Flickr front page here:

and here's a direct link to the slideshow:

Enjoy the direction if you like, I'm just making the stuff I wanted to see but could'nt quite find...

Posted by: Asian Panty Lover on Nov 20, 06 | 4:58 am