Chloe Bennet

For this entry I took another peek into the Stroup Files, and the gorgeous Chloe Bennet was waiting. Nice spot Travis :)

Chloe Bennet, born Chloe Wang is the daughter of a Chinese father and Jewish American mother. Born in Chicago, she moved to Beijing and studied Mandarin before launching a music career. She then moved to L.A. where she got a regular role in Nashville and now is playing Skye in the current series Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., neither of which I am familiar with.

Down to Earth Chloe is active on most forms of social media and seems to have a good sense of fun. Her career seems to be going at full steam, and with all American good looks I can’t imagine it will slow down anytime soon.

Uh Oh (Chinese Version):



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  1. gunnar’s avatar

    quite pretty! looks much less than half asian to me, no?

  2. Avatar of taipan

    Now, she is someone I would look twice at, and a few more times after that, and then some more! I know I wouldn’t expect her to be fluent in Mandarin and it would be a definite turn-on to hear her speak it, looking the way she does. Nice find!

  3. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She doesn’t look Asian to me at all, I watch SHIELD and she is a horrible actress even if she is beautiful.

  4. Avatar of gravityron

    An American mother?
    What does American mean?
    Does American = white?
    Wow, really?
    What an insult to so many Americans that aren’t white.

  5. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    I’m about half way between gunnar MaJieMao as to the Asianess (new word) of her. I only see a little trace in a few photos. Don’t get me wrong, a lovely lady in any case.

  6. Avatar of ......

    SHIELD is an average show but I keep watching because of her and an aging but still attractive Ming Na

  7. Avatar of smellykev

    oh wow!!! I would not have guessed half chinese however. American mother?? Maybe spanish american???

  8. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    That’s a very fair point gravityron, and something we should be more careful about. Anybody know exactly what her mother’s ethnicity is?

  9. Avatar of arf

    Yeah…she is pretty magnificent.

  10. john smith’s avatar

    Very very very freaking HOT. I think I can see the :asianess” in her eyes. Her speaking to me in any language any dialect or even grunting would be very sexy.

  11. Steve’s avatar

    Beautiful but appears more Caucasian than Asian. Still pleasant, WOW look at the breast size difference in the gifs ! Red dress a C or D cup, Bra A cup and doesn’t appear to be due to weight difference either.

  12. Avatar of French


    No, “American” does NOT equal “white”. There is no “insult” here.

    The U.S. census may have that category, but DNA tests show that everyone is “mixed” to some degree. There is no “purity”. This is why the racial and ethnic categories for the U.S. census change every ten years.

    Some people may categorize themselves as “white”. But no one is 100% “white”. No one.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. When I read “… the daughter of a Chinese father and American mother. Born in Chicago, she moved to Beijing and studied Mandarin….” I took that to mean that her father was born in the country of China, and her mother was born in the country of the United States. I figured that because the next few words were about the location she was born, then her study of Mandarin.

    I agree we have to be more careful of our choice of words- I screw up at times (more than most). But if you want to really blow your mind, visit my cousin’s neighborhood in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, New York. I’ve met people there who are 1/8 of the following: Mongolian, Puerto Rican, Nigerian, Irish, Spanish, French, Persian, and some kind of eastern European. How the heck all of them got together is the beauty of the United States (and the old silk road trading route from China, through the middle east, northern Africa, and on to southern and western Europe).

  13. Avatar of Luke


    I’m not really sure if your comment was serious, sometimes I think the PC stuff has gone completely mad. Anyway SmellyKev and French basically cover the point. I imagine the ‘American’ is a bit of a mix.

    When putting the posts together the information is just what is listed when I search the web. In this case it was no more specific about her mum other than American. I would probably guess Latin American like Kev suggested but that would be a guess and possibly inaccurate.

    While it is a valid point and comes up regularly with mixed models I think it distracts from the main object which is the girl herself. She could be more Asian but at least she qualifies, and like Steve said why do her boobs change size so much when I wouldn’t have thought she had breast augmentation?

  14. john smith’s avatar

    There is this on her wiki page if it helps to uncover her American roots.
    Bennet was born on April 18, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois, to a Chinese father and a Jewish American mother.

  15. Avatar of gravityron

    Dr. Lee,

    Thank you. I appreciate your intellect and ability to understand the difference. This can be, and is, a sensitive matter for many, particularly those that are not of European descent. “White privilege” should have no place of comfort at Asian Sirens~~ ^.^

    And she is quite beautiful, by the way.^^
    Please, let us keep the conversations about the beauty of the women.

    Thank you.

  16. Avatar of gravityron

    john smith,

    Thank you, that does help. :-)

  17. Avatar of gravityron


    Thank you for your input. I respect and appreciate your opinion.

    I was serious.

  18. Avatar of gravityron


    I was born in Korea. A Korean mom and a European descent father. One ex-wife is Japanese, living in Kobe. Another ex-wife is Chinese, living in Taipei.

    I also have done the 23andme DNA testing. I understand, quite well, the notion of admixing due to both reasons (my personal life and the DNA testing).

    Despite your re-assurance, I was insulted. Yet, thanks to Dr. Lee’s wisdom, I am quite confident that this topic is over.

    Thank you for your opinion and I fully respect your position. :-)

  19. Avatar of French

    gravityron: Thank you. And please accept my apology- no matter what I write it is never my intent to hurt anyone just to make a point. I am always learning, and will learn to think harder and longer before I write. Thank you for bringing your own background to light- I always enjoy a good background and wonder if it was travel, war, business, or ? that brings people together.

    As for me, when I am in Brooklyn, New York, I am called “pan blanco” (white bread in the Spanish language) by neighbors of my cousin. But when I am in Arkansas, people ask me which country I am from….go figure.

  20. johnmacguire’s avatar

    She’s looks more like white to me. Seriously no slant eyes, but over all she’s gorgeous and beautiful. I love to see her on her naked face (without makeup).

  21. Avatar of gravityron


    I am honored to “meet” you. :-)

    I lived in Flushing for 3 years. I bucked the trend then, I dated a Puerto Rican/Colombian girl from Corona. I learned a lot of Spanish ;-)

    … go figure, indeed…. :-)


  22. johnmacguire’s avatar

    If no one mention it I thought she’s a latin caucasian girl. But it turn out to be a Chinese Caucasian girl. I wonder her look if she’s bare her face though, I’ve bet not far from her pictures that I had seen.

  23. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    john smith,

    Thanks John, I’ve updated the article accordingly.


    This is indeed a very serious matter, as the assumption that American (or indeed Australian) equals caucasian is the basis for white supremacist racism (“we are the ‘true’ Americans/Australians” etc.). I know this wasn’t your intention, but please be careful with this issue. Ironically, I often have to remind my Asian friends that their children are just as Australian as I am (I was born here, but to European parents).

  24. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    I was going to meekly suggest she looks like a beautiful Jewish-American woman [which I of course am now doing] but lack the energy to figure out what type of both I mean… (e.g., pic 3, 4). Pic 5 is the most asian, which I of course prefer, and she’s ultra cute in that–excellent candid-style pic but much better than candid–maybe some retouching?

  25. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee,

    Thanks Doc, no offense was ever intended as I’m sure everyone is aware. The only actual American=Caucasian assumption was really made by Gravityron, although I can appreciate his sensitivity. I probably dealt with the issue clumsily so apologize to everyone for that. Perhaps it is a topic that deserves it’s own discussion post, I think it is not the same in Australia as it is in the States.

  26. Avatar of HidyHo

    I watch Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and it never occurred to me that Skye had Asian blood in her. I agree that Ming Na Wen, who’s now 50 years old, is still a very fine looking Asian gal!!!

  27. Avatar of wingsfan19

    If her mother is Jewish-American, there’s a pretty good chance she’s Caucasian rather than some other”ethnicity.”

    As the father of mixed “race” kids, I do understand the sensitivity, though.

    BTW,did you all read about the white supremist who discovered he was 14% African-American? Sweet irony.

  28. O'Grady’s avatar

    hi all. I’ve been a fan of this site for some time now but have never put my two cents in. but I have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. I think Chloe is a true hottie and the fact that she’s half Asian makes her even hotter. there’s my cent and a half. oh, and I think pic #10 might be Nina dobrev and not chloe, but I could be wrong.

  29. Avatar of Luke


    Thanks I’ll check it and update it when I get a minute.

  30. Avatar of Luke


    thanks, I have swapped that over!

  31. Avatar of gravityron

    Dr. Lee,

    I shake my head to the responses … how lucky you are to be in Australia! ;) Or, so it would seem ;) … or am I missing the criteria by which one is able to think (a presupposition?) that it is not the same in Australia as it is in the States? :(

    Not by you, but there also appears to be the implication that one person’s “sensitivity” is permissible/excusable, and as such, has no merit?

    By the way, my father, the European descent parent, also never did understand the “sensitivity” of his double-ethnic children.

    Dr. Lee, I have followed this blog for many, many years. I have posted only twice, now three times. It saddens me to have read such comments by people that behave as they do. I had written quite a bit, yet have gone back and deleted it all. Instead I will wrap it up by simply saying, I hope that the young people/next generations learn from our mistakes. Perhaps some light reading on “System Justification Theory”?

    Any rate, thank you again for your blog, time and effort over the years. I can read your words and clearly see that you get it and have tried …….. thank you :)

  32. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Sadly, I think there’s just as much racism in Australia as there is in the US—and pretty much everywhere else for that matter, I suspect.

    Anyway, I think you can take some comfort from the fact that at least nobody has expressed any deliberate racism. We are all guilty of inadvertent racism from time time, I think: we aren’t always conscious, or even aware, of how what we say may be taken by other races. Indeed, even the same race may take the same word completely differently in different countries (e.g. Oriental), so it can be difficult.

  33. Avatar of taipan

    Dr. Lee,

    I appreciate your efforts to monitor the Asian Sirens website and remove content that is deemed offensive where racism is concerned.

    I wonder whether you also feel as strongly about content that could be construed as sexist. Where do you stand on this issue?

  34. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I am very strongly against sexism in terms of the restriction of women’s rights and freedoms (I am very strongly pro-choice and pro-equality, for example), but there are many things which are often defined as sexist which I do not think are sexist at all—indeed, many would argue that this site is by its very nature is sexist! So it really depends on what you mean by sexism.

  35. Avatar of taipan

    Dr. Lee,

    Well, my question was largely triggered by your response to Luke above, specifically “This is indeed a very serious matter, as the assumption that American (or indeed Australian) equals caucasian is the basis for white supremacist racism”. I find interesting that you recognise a link between a seemingly innocuous comment (i.e. an “American mother”), a possible underlying assumption (i.e. “American” reflecting caucasian heritage) and the serious social concern of white supremacy racism and felt strongly enough about the issue to call it out. You also state that you hold similarly strong convictions about women’s rights and freedoms. Yes, there are many facets to sexism and it is the objectification of women that I particularly want to focus on. I wonder if you see a link between the objectification of women, and the reinforcement of stereotypes concerning the treatment of women by men, the more extreme examples being forced prostitution and Asian sex tourism. I also wonder to what extent the understanding of the “essence of Asian beauty” (part of the former title of this website) is delivered through the sexualisation of Asian women through the Asian Sirens website.

  36. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    We’re starting to get way off-topic now—I think this might be a good subject for a discussion post. Any detailed discussion of these issues would have to wait for that, but for now I’ll give a quick answer and say that one woman’s ‘objectification’ is another woman’s ‘freedom of expression’, and while forced prostitution is certainly unacceptable and illegal (as is forced anything else for that matter), in countries where it’s legalised (pretty much every western country apart from the US), many women find it a far more enjoyable and empowering way to make money than the traditional women’s professions (waitressing, office work etc.). I think I would too!

  37. Avatar of taipan

    Dr. Lee,

    Yes, I have taken this post waaay off-topic. Apologies for that. I would very much like to see this subject raised in its own discussion post. I’m sure you realise your last point concerning the empowerment of women really opens a can of worms! But let’s leave further comment for THAT discussion post… Thanks for your thoughts.

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