Sakura Sakurada

  • Sakura Sakurada is a JAV idol who has had an interesting career. She began her career in 2003 and was known for uncensored and fetish work. It seems that she has performed most of the extreme acts you could think of, and probably a couple more you’ve never heard of, read all about it on her wiki page

    She had a brief retirement in 2005 before resuming work and was even recognized at the 2008 AVN awards in Las Vegas. Apparently she now concentrates on lesbian scenes.

    Full Name Sakura Sakurada
    Alias Sakura Matsui
    Country Japan
    City/State Kanagawa
    Birth Date 1982 January 14
    Blood Type O
    Height (cm) 158
    Measurements (cm) B:89 W:59 H:86

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    1. Avatar of arf

      My Goodness!…I love this woman. Way to go Luke.


    2. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

      I so wish her hair was more like the last picture! That beautiful, silky, jet black, straight, long hair of Asian women, I LOVE IT!


    3. Avatar of longtack

      While I like Chinese women with long long straight black hair (a fetish perhaps for the stereotypical asian woman), I have come to appreciate that Chinese women can be just as attractive with short, even dyed, styled hair.

      Of course if she has great legs,and a gorgeous arse – like Sakura Sakurada does – then that’s a bonus.

      Some wonderful pics of her naked in the first gallery.


    4. thetruthhurts’s avatar

      she is not chinese.


    5. Avatar of wylde8

      Holy smokes. She has quite a nice body for a Japanese girl. My one complaint is that her hair isn’t doing anything for me.


    6. Avatar of longtack


      Thanks for reminding me. I guess I was expressing my preference in Chinese women while forgetting that long straight black hair is the stereotype, slowly changing, of Asian women in general.
      Nothing wrong with having a fetish for that stereotypical look. But when it becomes the gauge to measure the beauty/worth of more ‘modern’ Asian women, then women (such as Sakura above) are judged, negatively, on their hairstyle.
      lol..I just realised this is a reiteration of my earlier comment. Stet!

      She has, in my opinion, a really wild and untamed (short) hairstyle which is quite sexy.


    7. gunnar’s avatar

      oh, i know her! a personal fave. thought she was featured already. thanks Luke!


    8. Avatar of wingsfan19

      Very cute for a porn star. Here’s a link to more photos and vid clips:


    9. jumperkwon’s avatar


      she’s not a Chinese, she’s a Japanese


    10. bob’s avatar

      Search for Sakura Sakurada Dog Game ^ ^

      Note from the Doc: this is seriously perverted—you’ve been warned!


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