Eileen Yap Yumiko

Eileen Yap Yumiko is a confusingly named Singaporean model. Presumably part-Chinese part-Japanese (All hot).

Recently involved in yet another Singapore model nude scandal, Eileen inadvertently gave some insight into the slightly seedy side of the Singapore modelling scene. It seems a nude modelling session can net you 1000 SGD (780 USD). Not bad for 2 hours work.

Most of the nude sessions remain private to the collectors, but occasionally some of them leak out. Indeed, it even got quite serious at one point with the police involved as the photographer vigorously denied allegations of impropriety. You can find the photographer in question (Mike S/candleghost) here.

You might remember, back in the mists of ancient time I mentioned that Jenell Ong’s friend appeared to be Eileen Yap Yumiko. Here are a few photos reproduced. Is it her? I think it is…



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  1. Avatar of relayer

    Whatever mix she is, it’s a good one. She’s quite lovely. She seems to be able to pull off the different looks: traditional/cute/sexy.

    And it sure looks like her in the other pics.

  2. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Cute girl, but not for me.

  3. Avatar of French

    I like her unique face and her smooth body. The pics of her on the beach sand are very nice. She has just a little bit of an un-toned belly that begs to be rubbed.

  4. Avatar of smellykev

    I’m starting to doubt your eyesight/libido LoveAsianWomen :-) , but less competition is always a good thing!!! This lady is damn fine, … but i might check out the link to her “wrestling” friend as well….

  5. Avatar of smellykev


    Oh right!!! I remember her now. Still haven’t forgiven you yet Cantopop for killing the mood mid-stroke.

  6. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Are you talking (replying) to yourself Kev? ;-)

  7. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen


    Would be a boring world if we all liked, wanted, enjoyed, needed, whatever the same things.

    As an example here, I prefer the Asian woman that has silky, jet black, straight, very long hair. She doesn’t have that. Doesn’t mean I would toss her out of bed. :)

  8. gunnar’s avatar

    looks fairly edible to me

  9. Tbone’s avatar

    Yap makes me wanna fap!

  10. Avatar of The-Dean

    Sure is cute.

  11. Avatar of Bourbaki

    Naughty Eileen

  12. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I’m not sure I should even be looking at her as my Mom’s name is Eileen. On the other hand, my Mom’s not Asian so I guess it’s okay. I’ll just refer to her as Yap, though.

    Yap is very cute.

  13. Halcyon Island Admin’s avatar

    Yumiko Yap is very cute. I’ve seen more of her photos, feel free to drop by HalcyonIsland

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