Tenashar (real name: Debbie Valerie Long) is a ‘Top #1 Asia model DJ’, an exotic Spanish/Chinese mix with a very distinctive look. She hails from Singapore but gets all around Asia. She does quite a bit of modeling and fills out a bikini most excellently.

Here’s her website, with some nice pics! Here she is on facebook and youtube too!

Here is a ton of photos of her DJing! and another gallery and another gallery

She’s really hot for sure, but a bit conservative in her style. It would be really awesome if she got naked! It would be like super fantastic. Surely the best thing ever! No, really the best. Just superspandabulous! Shame she didn’t… Sob.


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  1. Avatar of The-Dean

    Fully nude, at last! It’s a banner day at the new Asian Sirens.


    Great body. Face is fine for me–better in some pics that in others, but she’s my type, except for one thing: Would it kill her to smile occasionally?

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Welcome to the team meh1001! He will bring us more naked goodies. :-)

  3. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    I guess I might be picky, but doesn’t do a lot for me. The last picture with bone sticking out, not for me.

  4. Avatar of Luke

    Strangely the last pic is the one I liked the best, the rest she looks a bit plastic(y) for my liking. I don’t know if it is just the make-up or perhaps face work.

  5. Avatar of smellykev

    ohhh those contacts almost creep me out too much to appreciate her other assets….

  6. Avatar of EnigmaticJack

    Oh my god she’s great! But then again, I’m only staring at her nipples.

  7. Avatar of wylde8

    Not a big fan of the way she looks made up, but she makes up for it by showing skin. That should be her look.

  8. Avatar of BravoZulu

    Don’t like her anime eyes. She does look much better nude than made up. Those are some dangerous nipples. You’ll poke your eye out.

  9. Avatar of longtack

    In some pics she is mediocre – in others she is a knockout.
    I like the second last pic best – she’s in the big floppy hat and the pink bikini bottoms with the circles. Lovely nipples but not a fan of the shaved look; I prefer at least a little tuft of pubic hair.
    I do like the pics arf posted.

  10. Avatar of arf

    Does mediocre mean hot?…I thought so.

  11. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Interesting look for sure. Does anybody else think her private area looked a little bit odd in the bottomless beach shot?

  12. Ben Heys’s avatar

    She did get naked, and it became quite the stir, more info here: Tenashar Nude


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