Francine Prieto Nude Photoshoot

Francine Prieto Nude Photoshoot - video powered by Metacafe

I was kind of surprised not to have found Francine Prieto listed in the archives list of and I think it's high time that she deserves our undivided attention :)

Francine Prieto a.k.a. Anna Marie Falcon (or vice versa) is an actress from the Philippines. She was on the cover of FHM Philippines November 2003 edition (I think) and I believe she has been very popular in South Korea too, especially after the above photoshoot.





Some links:


View wallpaper here

A little update: I decided to add the above catchy picture of her. Hopefully most of you would agree with me that she looks sensuously charming here. Simply gorgeous.

A short clip of her making out with a guy in the movie "Liberated" can be found here:
Watch the clip @

Posted by: Kanyer on Aug 24, 06 | 5:01 am | Profile


She's stunning!! Thanks Kanyer!!

Posted by: darklighter1 on Aug 24, 06 | 11:51 am

She's a BIG girl! :P

I know it's going to happen sooner or later, so...natural or "enhanced"?

Posted by: Krazy4Kobe on Aug 24, 06 | 12:00 pm

I think they're "enhanced".. either she's still pretty..

Posted by: Charisse Kailyn on Aug 24, 06 | 6:25 pm

metacafe clip

Link to Clip 10.75 MB

Posted by: Zamscan on Aug 24, 06 | 10:25 pm

Posted by: Zamscan on Aug 24, 06 | 10:30 pm

Definitely enhanced. ;-) Very nice though!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 25, 06 | 9:34 am

she's 5'10 and part norwegian...she never knew her father.

Posted by: dolpi on Aug 28, 06 | 4:59 am

she's is extremely beautiful she doesn't really need to be nude. :o)

Posted by: mshollyweird on Aug 29, 06 | 1:20 am

Her mom's cool, too. I actually told her how much I like her daughter's vid.

Posted by: Mike Abundo on Aug 29, 06 | 8:11 am

caps from various Pinoy movies:

Posted by: p_noyz on Nov 16, 06 | 5:32 am

some more:

Posted by: p_noyz on Nov 16, 06 | 5:33 am

a few more:


Posted by: p_noyz on Nov 16, 06 | 5:33 am

Nice work Pinoy - thanks!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 16, 06 | 5:46 am


Posted by: SherBo on Sep 27, 07 | 3:08 pm

I dunno... being 1/2 pinoy I love seeing women from the Philippines one here... Her breasts though... kinda look like they are in the wrong place. I was telling my brother that they look more like they are sitting on her ribs more than they should. Very nicely shaped though, I gotta give her that... lol. Woot Woot!

Posted by: FlipnIrish on Dec 20, 07 | 12:22 am

I love the surreal perkiness of her breasts - this is the one part of the female body where I think a skilled surgeon can do a better job than mother nature, at least for the long haul (natural breasts can look good when they're young, but they seldom age very well).

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 20, 07 | 6:49 am

They're just so round and shiny and lovely. Perfect nipples too.

Posted by: arf on Dec 20, 07 | 11:23 am

What has this image got to do with Francine? I agree about her nipples though - I like small areolae.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 20, 07 | 8:35 pm

What has this image got to do with Francine? Those are Francine Prieto's breast's on Francine Prieto's chest and this about Francine Prieto. Oh wait a minute...that's not Francine Dee is it. Man, I'm about dumb as crap. My mistake...won't happen again. :)

Posted by: arf on Dec 20, 07 | 9:44 pm

The image you link to doesn't look anything like Francine Prieto or Francine Dee. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 20, 07 | 10:06 pm

I got that picture from zamscan's comment above, dated Aug 24, 06. I'm pretty sure it's the same Francine. I was just joking about Francine Dee though. :)

Posted by: arf on Dec 20, 07 | 11:05 pm

I think you'd better check your link arf. ;-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 20, 07 | 11:29 pm

Same link, same picture. Right? It's from zamscan's comment above. Top right picture.

Posted by: arf on Dec 20, 07 | 11:38 pm

No it isn't - check your link!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 20, 07 | 11:44 pm


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